[NADSC] A Proposal for Joint EDENCOM-Kybernaut Operated Communication Facilities


Nadire Security Consultants

A Proposal for Joint EDENCOM-Kybernaut Operated Communication Facilities

Dated: September 25th YC123/FC238

To: Nadire District Parliament Security Committee

From: Edward Adams, Security Director NADSC

Subject: A proposal to support the Civilian Population in the Occupied Federal Territories by facilitating the deployment and maintenance of communication facilities for their use by EDENCOM and Kybernaut aligned capsuleers.

To the esteemed members of the Committee,

I write this report to yourselves as part of an update on the overall anti-Triglavian activities of the Consultancy.

I will disclose in the interests of transparency to the Federal District of Nadire that I have entreated the leader of the Stribog Clade, Sahara Jackal, within the system of Senda as part of an invitation concerning the inhabitants of the Occupied Territories of the Federation in Pochven. I would like to reassure yourselves that my loyalties remain to this District and to the Federation and that this entreating of the enemy was solely to ascertain their intentions concerning their welfare.

Although I am completely reluctant to trust the word of Sahara Jackal, especially after their treatment of my personnel during the Pochven War, in the interests of re-establishing communication with the people of the Occupied Territories I agreed to relay their request for independently operated capsuleer infrastructure to be erected to yourselves for consideration further up the chain of command as I lack the necessary authority to green-light such an endeavour.

The security concerns to the Federation, especially the FTL Communication infrastructure, are substantial. I would therefore recommend that if this offer were seriously considered that the necessary steps are undertaken to mitigate this potential threat alongside any other considerations that need to be made.

I await your instructions by means of reply in due course.


Edward Adams
Nadire Security Consultants


Since when has the federation actually cared about civilian well being?


Since when has anybody? “Civilian wellbeing” is just one of those buzzwords they use to make themselves look good.


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