Federation Observation

Jamal enters Jackal’s office with a disciplined gait and stands before the Queen of Space Hell at attention. The door closes behind him and she speaks, “Relax.” Seeing his stance ease up, she continues. “You said you had something I’d be interested in.”

He does not speak in his usual laid-back manner, instead his tone and choice of words are more in line with what would be expected of a Brutor officer reporting to his superior. “That Is correct. A couple days ago, I deployed 8 Automated Observation Units, A.O.Us for short, in the systems of the Nadire district. Automated Observation Units can intercept most signal traffic in the system they are deployed in, decrypt the data therein if necessary, and transmit said data to a listening post within the Semiosis Theater in Vale. The data received thus far is promising. Given enough time, I expect this will reveal exploitable vulnerabilities in the security of local networks in Nadire as well as opportunities to insert operatives if such measures are needed. I had originally intended to use this to bother Edward Adams, but Remilia informed me that you were pursuing a joint venture with him that would be disturbed by such actions.”

Sahara nods. “We want to set up a communication relay system for Vale to break EDENCOM’s information quarantine. Go on.”

As commanded, Jamal continues, “Not only will the A.O.Us eventually provide us with the means to backdoor various communication networks in Nadire, it would take little modification to the software suite to allow them to also serve as relays themselves. If I set them up in a few more districts, opening Vale to the cluster becomes much more feasible. To the point that it may even become impossible for EDENCOM to put the genie back in the bottle.”

Sahara claps. “Well done, Mr. Frederick. I’ll speak to Commander Adams. In the meantime, get to work putting up more of these A.O.Us.”

With a salute, he affirms, “Yes ma’am”, and turns, exiting swiftly but calmly.


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