At Home Amongst Stars

My fellow Capsuleers.

We live in a time of crisis, as I’m sure you all know. The Triglavian Collective has come to our cluster in force, searching for and in a few cases securing certain star systems and fortifying them against any who would approach, or even leave a station, if they have not “Proven” themselves to the Collective’s satisfaction. And when this Collective has succeeded militarily, they apply a machine to that star, for unknown purposes but with a clear result.

The Triglavian Collective is killing these stars.

Any potentially habitable planet in these systems would unavoidably be subjected to a mass extinction event, a slow death of all life previously present.
Some people would ask, “Why?” Indeed, I would ask the same, if I were to meet one of the Collective in person. But this is not truly something that can be explained away. It is the complete destruction of ecosystems.

Many capsuleers are jaded enough to wonder why we should care. Perhaps they no longer feel any kinship with those called baseliners. For some reason, a lot of capsuleers I’ve met have no empathy with those planetbound. Their minds are occupied with making ISK, or the wars they’ve been embroiled in for so long, or even the wrong done by those in power

But I remember.

I have only a small while as a capsuleer. The trials of baseline life are still fresh in my mind. I was there just after Raravoss fell, pulling people out a few at a time in a tiny shuttle and hoping that speed would preserve these mortal lives. I’ve seen what happens to these stars. And I’ve witnessed the indiscriminate destruction meted out by Triglavian emplacements on capsuleers.

All of these things have only further steeled my resolve to stop these invasions. Though I was born of the Tribes, I have traveled amongst all the Empires in this self-sworn duty, and I claim all of the sectors as my home. All capsuleers are my brothers and sisters and cousins.

I’ll not sugarcoat the truth. I’ve met loyalists on all sides, and heard tales and read the histories. None of the Empires is blameless or selfless. Even EDENCOM cannot be trusted, and by extension CONCORD.

Brothers, sisters, cousins. We must all come together against this threat. We must leave behind the old grievances, the hurts.

I have seen with my own eyes the power of capsuleers of all nations unified by this cause. I’ve witnessed men who would have torn each other apart a year ago sit down and discuss how best to counter the growing threat. I’ve personally led capsuleers of all births and homes in several systems and even held the line as these systems slowly succumbed, buying the time for evacuation and for our forces in other systems to press the fight and secure vital lanes of trade and travel.

EDENCOM is not the answer. It’s merely a label for CONCORD and the Empires protecting their own interests.
It is up to US, brothers, sisters, cousins. We must fight, not for the bureaucracies, the Empires, but for all life, both planetbound and capsuleer alike, no matter where they may have been born or what path they’ve traveled.
When I have recovered my focus and patience, I will be back in the fight, all that I own packed back into my crate, once again home. I hope I will be fighting alongside you soon.


Thank you so very much for all of your good work, Mr. Atruin.

May we continue to fight side by side against the invaders throughout the cluster.


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