[Karaya-Ya] Open Letter Regarding New Minmatar Security Measures

You might be expecting me to condemn the recent news surrounding the Tribal Council’s recently implemented internal security measures, and the manner by which they were implemented.

And you aren’t totally wrong. But what needs to be said on that subject has been said, and very well at that. We would like to make a supplementary point.

I’m attaching a statement from my clan chief and others, which was also disseminated throughout the Republic a few minutes ago:

To our kin, regardless of tribe, clan, location, or political alignment:

For roughly two years, select members of the Sebiestor Clan Ramijozana of Ramijanawa on Matar and the Krusual Clan Licei of Moisant on Octanneve V have partnered on issues great and small facing our ancestral home as well as the cluster at large. Despite our very different backgrounds, we agree on some very basic points, and we have worked together to secure the safety of our peoples in a shared understanding of what should be considered important.

We acknowledge that New Eden is in an uncommonly tenuous position. Not only do we have unabating tensions regarding the CEMWPA and its impact on populations such as Floseswin’s, but we have seen internal strife among each of the four empires–conflicts that weaken those powers at a time when our constellations face invasions by foreign forces as well as domestic threats.

At a time such as this, we cannot afford to fracture. Thus, when we observe our leaders in the Republic being ostracized, or using indefensible language and thinly veiled threats towards one another, or implementing measures that the Scope itself fears could “overlong impinge on the liberties of the Minmatar people”, we find ourselves compelled to remind our chiefs that their primary focus should be our people and their continued safety and protection.

This bickering and condescension, spilling into the public view, paints a target onto the heart of our Republic. Should our enemies–any of them–find us wanting in any aspect, then they will not hesitate to test us.

So, while our Sebiestor membership stands firm in their support of Chief Midular, our Circle also encourages her not to allow herself to be left apart from her peers, nor for these divisive actions to separate the Sebiestor Tribe from their kin. We also hope that our Vherokior allies will not find themselves facing the disastrous choice of where to stand, and that our Nefantar cousins are not forced into this political maneuvering.

Our Krusual members wish to express their disapproval of Chief Dykon’s apparent rhetoric, according to the Scope, and encourage him to focus his harsh language on any of the myriad threats to the Republic, rather than addressing a body of our own blood in such a manner. We similarly encourage him to offer fair and compassionate consideration to the positions his fellow chiefs face, especially when their people have been attacked on their own soil–and to lead his Thukker, Brutor, and Starkmanir peers in regarding every single tribal chief as equals, and to treat them as such. The troubles that lurk outside of the Council deserve the full force of our representatives, undiluted and undivided.

We Matari are a diverse, colorful set of peoples, with our unique views on everything from economics to language to spiritualism, but it is our ability to surmount our differences–to come together for the good of all of us–that has allowed us to thrive. Do not lose sight of that gift when evil rears its head at our successes and triumphs. Work together, and respect each other and your different ideas and needs. Embrace the conflicts that arise and turn their energy towards keeping our people safe where they are free, and freeing them where they are not.

Let us not fall into the trap of battling each other when there are so many troubles on our horizons, waiting to reap our divisions and destroy what we have built.

From darkest night to brightest day,
We the undersigned, leadership of the Karaya-Ya Circle:

Kaya Licei, clan chief, Licei
Tiama Ramijozana, clan chief, Ramijozana
Licoqi Licei, supporting clan chief, Licei
Melisma Ramijozana, cadet clan chief, Ramijozana
Shorai Aikyoraan Ramijozana, co-chair, Corovid Industries
Astaire Irawakeri Quatrevaux, custodian, Moisant, Octanneve V
Tessande Mamona Falconer, debutante, Licei

(( Of note. ))


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