[AM] Temporary Cessation of Hostilities Towards CVA

In honor of the Third Jubilee of the Coronation of Her Most Sublime and Imperial Majesty Catiz I, First Apostle of the True Faith and Sovereign Defender of the Imperial Rite, the Aegis Militia announces that we will temporarily halt hostilities against CVA beginning on this eve of the anniversary of our beloved Empress’s ascension. Pilots of the Aegis Militia will be instructed to only engage in the cases of self defense.

As this is a time of joy and celebration for all the Loyal and Faithful Peoples of Holy Amarr Empire, we welcome this opportunity engage in conversation and to grow our ties with the other Loyalist organizations of our Glorious Empire.

May Her Most Sublime and Imperial Majesty Catiz I, First Apostle of the True Faith and Sovereign Defender of the Imperial Rite have a long and prosperous Reign.

As signed by the Ruling Conclave of the Aegis Militia


If your intentions are indeed genuine, then allow me to be among the first to congratulate your alliance upon coming a step closer to its senses.

Let us pray that the Deceiver will not rear his head bearing your words and that the temporary ceasefire become something more permanent.


@Kyle_Saltz, we would not have claims brought against us that we were dishonest and that we did not inform your organization. Please inform your Diplomatic Corp.

You did not inform the CVA Diplomatic Corps before making a public statement? So, that means that this cessation of hostilities is unilateral?

If that is so, until Paladin Warden Saltz confirms the diplomatic situation, I retract my statement in support of your premature endeavor.

For a self-styled “academic,” you certainly have much to learn about your role.

We have given notice to the CVA Diplomatic corp. independently, as well as informed our allies of these actions. As I have not, as of yet, received any sort confirmation or acknowledgement from them, I thought it prudent to reach out via other means as well. The purpose of this cessation of Hostilities is to honor the celebrations. It would not do to hold off on them due to a tardy response.

It is my personal hope, that during these celebrations, that this action; which you correctly label as unilateral, could open the doors of dialogue.

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A “tardy response” from the other side? Exactly how long have these negotiations been taking place? Your words imply that efforts to reach out to CVA were very recent, in which case, a delay in their response would be the result of insufficient lead time to even begin to evaluate the terms of the ceasefire.

Now, instead of making a joint statement, you come to a public fluid router to inform the cluster that you made an attempt to reach out to CVA’s diplomatic corps and that the onus is on them to accept your terms. Where in Divinity’s Edge did you learn that delicate policymaking proposals ought be negotiated in full view of the public?

On the other hand, one might assume that months of negotiation have taken place behind the scenes while AM and CVA maintained public appearance of hostility. But if CVA has not reciprocated your terms, that only means that, again, they were given insufficient time or two, that negotiations have stalled.

Under both scenarios you are attempting to shove your narrative into the public spotlight to gain exposure well ahead of CVA’s. Even if they take your proposal in good faith, this is not good diplomacy.

Again, I shall await Paladin Warden Saltz’s confirmation of the diplomatic situation.

Well, I for one always welcome a cessation of hostilities, especially among the faithful.

In most respects, I would agree with you, Archbishop Baracca, but when that cessation of hostilities is unilateral and designed to embarrass a longstanding loyalist alliance, I take pause,

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A cessation is a cessation, and may it lead to peace of a longer duration. I do try to be rather optimistic about these sorts of things, and encourage peace. I don’t blame anyone for being cynical, though.

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A unilateral cessation, Archbishop, is a publicity stunt. Now that AM can “claim” public declaration of their intention while CVA’s diplomatic corps has not confirmed receipt nor reciprocity, it means that combat losses inflicted upon AM by CVA can be used as ammunition by AM to underscore “aggression” by CVA, thereby continuing to fuel their fevered delusions regarding CVA. It is absolutely transparent and while you may term it “cynicism” to think so, AM has demonstrated moral bankruptcy enough times for me to term it “common sense.”

A few days without fire is a few days without fire. I’m not entirely sure ‘unilateral’ is a good way to put it, since I don’t think the Paladin Warden is sending out hunting parties specifically looking for AM in the first place, especially during the Jubilee. Not that I’m assuming CVA is going to take AM at its word even if it was negotiated, especially considering they still have to watch the gates even if their would-be invaders are down a few members.

But a few days without fire are still a few days without fire, and every laser the faithful aren’t firing on each other is worthwhile.

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If you wish to give the benefit of the doubt to AM, that is your prerogative. But whether the lasers “firing on each other” are silenced during these days is contingent upon CVA accepting the terms of the ceasefire. I personally believe it to be premature to celebrate peace when the offended party—truly, the organization fighting a defensive war—has yet to make a public statement.

Lord Reginald, even if they accepted the ceasefire, I highly doubt CVA would do anything differently. Even if AM takes a few days off, it’s not like the rest of the cluster will.

As long as AM maintains its presence within a coalition that continues to occupy territory that rightfully belongs to CVA and has not agreed to vacate Providence entirely, it is exactly because CVA will not do anything differently when it comes to liberating their space that draws my concern. It is akin to declaring oneself a “non-combatant” but nonetheless remain in the middle of a warzone.

I don’t think AM is paramount of CVA’s concerns at the moment. I’m fairly sure all this announcement, if genuine, does is slacken the fire slightly. Providence has been a crucible for all of late.

With “Temporary” in the very title, it is utterly astonishing to me that anyone would find this noteworthy.


I find this noteworthy, Lord Admiral. I may have my reservations about Aegis Militia, but if the attempt is genuine, it need not be dismissed out of hand.

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If anything, that would be even more of a gesture though, wouldn’t it? ‘We’re not going to shoot at them. We hold them to no such standard’?


It would be to the benefit of everyone if they made that explicit, if indeed you correctly surmise their intent.

Consider then, this statement for that purpose.

The Aegis Militia, in honor the the Jubilee, will refrain from hostility against CVA. We do this regardless of whether or not CVA does the same during this period.