Kahah residents say long recovery still ahead of them

When pressed, the Directrix has said that they will put obedience to Amarrian law above their morals.

Hee. So, Lord Avarr should have a more official answer, but, this question’s a little personal to me, too.

LUMEN as an alliance is named for what it tries to be: a light. That’s not something it understands as being in tension with its loyalty to the Empire; that’s a part of it.

Samira’s not wrong: the Society will comply with Imperial laws and edicts before its own conscience. LUMEN doesn’t put its own judgment before that of the Empire as a whole. Sometimes personal and even institutional judgment has to be set aside for a greater cause. That’s what being “loyal” means.

That’s also why LUMEN stands side by side with PIE and other Imperial and allied entities, despite differences, while Samira, who follows only her own understanding of right and wrong, stands alone and ostracized by her own hand. Compromise can lead to corruption, no doubt, but to refuse it is to refuse to be part of a community.

LUMEN seeks to be a light in this world, and functions as part of the greater community of Amarr. Maybe to you this will seem like a contradiction, Mr. Nomistrav. Maybe you won’t understand if they disagree. Maybe to you the Empire looks like nothing but gold-plated evil. The view from the Empire is a little different, as you might expect.

To the Society, serving the Empire and serving humankind aren’t distinct ideas. They’re part of the same great project: the restoration of humankind to their god’s grace.


Sometimes loyalty to a great cause demands being able to see when things are wrong, and to set those things right instead of allowing them to stay broken.

Even if it demands being ‘outside the community’. The First Prophet, Gheinok, was ostracized for carrying the light of the faith… but from him, the foundations for God’s Empire were built.

“Though dissuaded, I came. Though perilous, I served. Though beset, I persevered. Though denied, I believed.”
-Kuria 12:18


There is just one problem with your theory, Samira.

Prophets inspire the faithful.

You disappoint them.

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You say serving the Empire and serving humankind aren’t distinct ideas, but the souls of the dead on Kahah would beg to differ… At the end of the day, you all put your loyalties before humankind, and they were the ones that paid the price… People paid the price…

Shut up.

If they are disappointed by me, and not by the corrupt lipservers and twisted dogma that I oppose, it means only that there is much more work to do.

Every prophet starts small, my lord. Indeed, they often begin as heretics, as their message challenges the establishment.

It is entirely possible to be disappointed by both.

Do not delude yourself. Your tower of moral superiority is built upon a bed of sand, and it will fall if you continue this way. Shore up your foundation before you build it higher to better look down upon us.

I must agree. To compare oneself to a prophet is to either be delusional or be a power-grab. To call oneself a prophet whilst denying the authority of Aga-Count Chakaid confirms to me that it is the latter.

And the response to it - from those who populate the IGS at least - suggests it has already failed.

Whatever this is though, it does not help the people of Kahah III and, with a lot of the talk in this thread, proved that most capsuleers are too self-serving and self-absorbed to be trusted with helping in humanitarian efforts.

Unlike your dear Derp-Duke, who aids humanitarian organizations by making sure they’ll never run out of crises to respond to.

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Ah yes, a power grab. I gave up every ounce of influence and respect I had built up over years, my position with PIE, even marriage offers from noble households, to become an outcast, banished on pain of death from my homeworld. Yes, clearly, a power grab! Look at all this power I have!

Meanwhile, Chakaid has gone from Sa-Baron, to Aga-Count, to Theology Councilor, and has potentially been behind numerous attacks against political rivals… but no, clearly, no power grab from him, definitely not. King Khanid betrayed the Empire and God because he lost the Succession Trials, clones himself, and then schemed his way into becoming an heir again and being allowed to compete in the Trials a second time, and that’s clearly not a power grab.

And, you have yet to read a single God-damn thing in this thread if you’re still on about this humanitarian thing. You, a woman who did nothing for Kahah or its people, who is only even talking about the incident a year after it happened, clearly, you are in the right position to criticize others who were there!

While I’m fighting to make changes to the system to prevent something like Kahah from ever happening again, you are sitting on the sidelines, not even a month into your “faith”, ignorantly and stupidly commenting on matters on which you know nothing, while waving the flag for a regime responsible for a considerable number of the cluster’s atrocities. One of those atrocities being Kahah, where millions of slaves, not all of them rebels, were killed by indiscriminate bombardment by Khanid armed forces.

Oh, and by the way, it was the whole system. Not just Kahah III. Obviously, if you actually cared about any of this, you’d know that.

Empty-headed filth.


Your week-old ‘convert’ act is cute but your ignorance and arrogance grates.

Please keep your heathen mouth shut until you know what the hell is actually going on.


May I suggest, with all due respect, that any conversation not relevant to the assistance of the people of Kahah or their welfare be taken out of a thread that is meant to be about the people of Kahah.

Let us be honest, most of this thread has been mud-slinging, name-calling and pointing at the other side to say they are to blame. None of this is helpful to the people who need assistance.

I offered services that I felt could be useful should those on the ground in Kahah feel them needed. How many other people here have done any of that?

I have never claimed to know all of what happened. I have never claimed to have been there or witnessed the situation unfold. But do I really have to have done to offer assistance now? That seems rather ridiculous to me.

So, whilst I have a lot of respect for you, Lord Newelle - and may God forgive me for my petulance - I feel I must respectfully decline your request to ‘keep my heathen mouth shut’ as I try to drag this thread kicking and screaming back to the situation that is happening now instead of battles between individuals going back a year if not more.

Has been happening for ten months, and will continue to happen so long as the same people who decided to indiscriminately murder civilians throughout Kahah are in charge over the survivors.

Humanitarian aid will not help the dead. Humanitarian aid will not be allowed to help the living slave populations that were the targets of the Uhlans’ artillery fire.

Everyone else doesn’t need it.

You auxiliary defense force is even more of a joke. Who will you be defending Kahah from? The Khanid? They’re the ones who attacked it. They used Blood Raider allies to instigate the attack, but there’s very little doubt about who was ultimately behind it. Hell of a second field test for their chemical weapons program, and it deflects suspicion from the Khanid… or it would, if Chakaid weren’t monumentally incapable of preening and twirling his moustache while he pisses all over himself in a paroxysm of deranged glee that he thinks is oh-so-subtle.


Several of us. When the massacres were happening. And we, you know, did it, instead of just talking about it on a forum.

That aid was given towards the people who actually needed it, the people being butchered by the Khanid, the people who, if they were not evacuated (by those of us trying to help them), are now dead. Of course, there is the Kahah Free Army, still fighting against the evil Kahah lords. They could use some more aid, I’m sure!

As for the Holders? ■■■■ the Holders. They need no support. What they need is to be dragged out of their homes and shot. They stood by and let the Khanid Navy and the Uhlans butcher their slave populations. Some even helped them do it. May their families burn in hell for their cowardice and cruelty.

Stop offering it and do it.


Are the Kahah Free Army even still alive at this point…?

Oh, look, his Derp-Dukeness is posting…

Brace for impact.

Wait, wait! Lemme guess!


Behold! Revealed for all to see! The evil truth that lies at the dark heart of Ammatar treachery and apostasy.

This is where all the liberal nonsense that these savages are ready to stand proud in the full grace of Holy Amarr leads to.

This is what happens when the fallen races are elevated far and above their lowly place in the right proper order of things.

This vile terrorist and apostate wants to destroy the foundations of the great Amarr Empire.

This evil heretic preaches sedition, rebellion and blasphemy into ears left unguarded by liberal folly.

This drug-addled criminal preaches murder in the streets just as her blood cultist allies have practised it across Empire and Kingdom.

Yet still, even withal, there are those who say they are “loyal” out of one side of their mouths while out of the other side they spout liberal trash, hand-wringing regret and even praise for this apostate terrorist!

And not content with that! Not content with grotesque double-talk and bad faith when it comes to this dealer in terror and misery, this peddler of mass destruction and excruciating death! Not content with it, these “loyalists” cannot cease besmirching the reputation of His Majesty, the Kingdom and even the Khanid people!

They even smile and snigger and nod with approval when the terrorists and apostates join in with this scandalous sedition! I pray, oh how I pray, that those who would be loyal shall cease this hypocrisy and faithlessness soon.

For I fear, generous hearted as I am inclined to be, that even I shall not be able to stand between them and the whirlwind that will tear them from the embrace of Holy Amarr and cast them into the outer darkness.

Be warned.

The process of removal continues.

Indeed, it was my pleasure to sign the writs of attainder and death warrants for several dozen rebels and their collaborators only this morning.

They received a mercy not given to those who have suffered cruel depredation by the likes of the apostates, terrorists and cultists that have joined hands against Holy Amarr.

Those who would be loyal should reflect on the quality of our mercy. They should meditate upon the great blessings of order and purpose bestowed upon us all by the true faith of Holy Amarr.

I have the honor to be,


Aga-Count Chakaid of Kahah III,
Paladin Deacon, Orders Militant of the Theology Council,
Plenipotentiary Representative of His Majesty Farokh Khanid III



Wow, Arrendis. You nailed it.