Planetary Investment: Kahah

After the recent tragic events regarding the crisis in Kahah I find it best to focus on the positive. As such I will be launching a joint planetary automated factory establishment to help rebuild the economy lost to this series of events. Let it not be said that wily business men much less Khanid do not know a good opportunity when it arises!

This is a personal project I’d like to share with anyone interested in investing. I’ll be requiring aid from everyone with a cargo-ship and a positive attitude.

As well much of the initial proceeds will be donated to the survivors and families of those in Kahah.

For those who have doubts I trust you will look into the long term effects of what can be extracted for the planets surface to everyone benefit.

Walk with God


I will be in touch, my lord. Too many people have suffered already and too many lost to Paradise. I promise I will do what I can.

Great shot!

Oh i can just see pirates,angels and other villany rubbing their hands in glee. You have just presented a very target rich environment…

Excellent choice. By investing in capsuleer owned planetary operations, which are more automated than more tradditional approaches, you can out-compete the local slavers, thus reduce the need of inhumane labour.


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