[CYBR] Kahah joint relief effort

While the attack on Kahah III is now nearly three weeks old, the sad ripples of this new tragedy are far from over, and the population of this Khanid world still suffer and are in need of short and long term relief.

Aside Khimi Harar, the Duchy of Fekhoya and several other capsuleer organizations, as well as single individuals, Cybernetica is running its share in the effort. Our goal is it to unify the general aid and to spread out our joined capabilities to provide widespread care for the population that twice now has endured such uneccesary suffering.

The Cybernetica conglomerate has gathered a large amount of our medical staff and capsuleers to aid in short and long term medical care aswell as logistics of much needed supply goods.
Customers can expect Cybernetica Services to be temporarily disrupted.

A orbital hub has been aiding in the first relief efforts. But in the recent week all efforts have shifted to run via the “Kahah - Respite” Raitaru deployed by the Duchy of Fekhoya. It has become a vital part of the joined effort to organize, store and transfer goods and people to and from the planet.

Following the statement of Thaila Lemrenoy, the Cybernetica CEO: “We should all be judged by how we treat the least fortunate among us. We will lead by example and together we will be elevated to more than any single one of us could ever be. I personally want to thank everyone helping the people of Kahah and our effort. Our actions will not be forgotten. May this be a sign that kindness in space still prevails.”

Thaila Lemrenoy
Cybernetica CEO


That help is making a difference in the lives here. This effort is making a difference.

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