State of Fabai, Aridia, and what should be done about it

(Alar Chakaid) #21

The only thing that frentix-addled terrorist is remotely capable of clarifying is her own culpability in the murder of Imperial subjects, together with her role in spreading chaos and unrest in those areas where her repugnant heresy is tolerated.

Areas, to be sure, like the Ammatar Mandate, and by all accounts certain Ni-Kunni holdings, such as the bedchambers of bewigged and powdered fops who fancy themselves members of the nobility.

If those who claim loyalty to the Empire wish to do something to restore and preserve the order of Holy Amarr, besides flapping their gums and making nice on a public channel with narco-terrorists and rebel harlots, they should turn their attention to the Mandate and work to remove the festering canker of Ammatar treachery from that benighted realm.

The matter of Aridia’s security, I do assure you all, can safely be left to we who have guarded the Marches of the Empire for ages past.

I have the honor to be,


Aga-Count Chakaid of Kahah III,
Sa-Baron of Ves-Sefris, Zirsem V,
Colonel General of the 19th Royal Uhlans,
Plenipotentiary Representative of His Majesty Farokh Khanid III

[MULTO] A message to the Ammatar Mandate and House Ardishapur
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(Arsia Elkin) #23

You forgot about the Kingdom, where there currently seems to be a bit of a blooder problem.

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(Eclypt) #24

My Lord Aga-Count Chakaid,

I have, for some time now, admired from afar how brightly your fervour for cleansing the stain of heretics and terrorists from our great and Holy Empire shines. If I may beg my Lord’s attention for a moment however, I would seek clarification on this statement.

Would I be correct in understanding that you mark a difference between those residing in the Mandate - who’s inhabitants are often referred to more casually as “Ammatar” - who live their lives in faithful and humble service to God and the Throne, and those insidious dissenters like Armast Darkar who work under that same name to spread heresy and malcontent?

I seek to better understand your suggestion before taking any action I may later have cause to regret.

Faithfully and respectfully yours,

Lady Liliya Setareh
Second Daughter of Lord Ghunan Setareh
Knight of Neyi IV

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(Samira Kernher) #25

He does not mark such a difference. He has plainly said he believes the Ammatar have been given too much independence and power.

Edit: Which I find amusing, because as a Khanid, he himself is included among the ‘lesser races’. If one follows conventional Amarrian racial hierarchy, which declares other races lesser, then only the True Amarr were God’s Chosen.

(Armast Darkar) #26

I pray that every Ammatar sees the insults you levy upon the Mandate. And I suppose I have you and your conniving politics to thank for Lord Arim’s decision to welcome the Order of St. Tetrimon into Derelik? I pledge that your calls for additional foreign occupation will be met with resistance.

To my brothers and sisters in the Mandate: do you not see how they treat us with contempt? For too long we have embraced the Amarr Orthodox Rite in the hopes of acceptance, but we will never be more than second-class citizens in their eyes. Divided and distracted by silver and gold, we will be subjugated. But united in our ways and traditions, guarded by our mighty fleet, we will seize respect if they refuse to give it.

Even now, the ones who dared to stand against tyranny ten years ago—and who were condemned to the 1st Mandate Redemptionist Brigade—are slaves in all but name to the Order of St. Tetrimon. Our fate has been placed before us on Halturzhan: lives of mere service to foreign masters. Open your eyes children of San Matar. Pray, fast, give alms, but most importantly, take to the streets in holy procession for the deliverance of our people from the hands of the wicked.

But if our prayers are unheeded or fall upon the deaf ears of the corrupt who hold power, then be prepared for troubled times.

(Samira Kernher) #27

You’re really making me regret all the aid I ever gave you, Armast. I did not throw away my reputation to support a secessionist. Your mighty fleet? The Ardishapur Family gave you that fleet, after half of the Mandate’s actual fleet mutinied and the other half was destroyed by the Republic you’re so eager to pledge to. Admiral Aro pled guilty - an honorable act on his part - to the charges of treason and dereliction. And that Redemptionist Brigade you are so decrying was the alternative to slavery. The Brigade service was a lighter punishment than they would have normally been owed, and you call it evil?

First Prophet. On the one hand we have Chakaid, and on the other Darkar, both of you trying to steal territory from the Empire. Through conniving by one, and rebellion by the other. At least I am confident that few in the Mandate will actually listen to Darkar; everyone who might have has already left.

(Eclypt) #28

By the shape of things on these boards, Lord Chakaid is correct.

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(Armast Darkar) #29

Ten years in a warzone and indefinite penal military service is a lighter punishment than slavery? Perhaps if the scale of measure is separated by the weight of a furrier.

(Arsia Elkin) #30

Can you name any rotten Ammatar besides Darkar?

You could probably find just as many terrible individuals in any region of the Empire as you could in the Mandate. There’s no major problems with the Mandate. Once again, those are found in the Kingdom.

(Samira Kernher) #31

When many of them were already military officers? Yeah.

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(Arsia Elkin) #33

She’s not Ammatar.

(Samira Kernher) #34

I am not Ammatar. I am from Ardishapur Domain, not the Mandate.

(Vlad Cetes) #35

It already exists, it is known as LowSechnaya Sholupen.

(Aldrith Shutaq) #36

Here we go again.

(Eclypt) #37

By blood or by action?

She seems very Ammatar to me.

(Arsia Elkin) #38

How can somebody not from the Mandate seem Ammatar? Stop spouting nonsense in order to suck up to Chakaid.

(Armast Darkar) #39

Only one of the regiments was made up primarily of Ammatar Navy officers, Miss Kernher—the 1st Sasta. And across all three regiments, their ranks are populated by those who were convicted or suspected of aiding defectors. How many of those posed with the choice between slavery and penal military service are actually innocent but have nonetheless lost a decade of their lives? There is no justice with that Brigade. Only the hubris and malice of the foreign occupation.

(Eclypt) #40

Of Tribal ancestry, given a place in the Empire, yet turns her back and rebels when she sees her chance.

My, what a familiar story this is.

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