Amici Curiae regarding Fabai

Let it be known that an Amici Curiae document has been finalized and submitted to Cardinal Sourem Itharen regarding the legal discussions surrounding the Fabai constellation:

Submitted with humility to the wise and honorable Lords, Ladies, and distinguished members of the Imperial Court -

In the event the Court indeed finds the Holder of Fabai negligent, and also deems the best remedy is to reassign this Title to another House, we humbly suggest the Court consider any Great House that steps forward and submits their own petitions for consideration. While House Khanid has filed a writ of distraint, we feel it is without basis. The Khanid fleet protected nothing and only provided humanitarian support after the attacks, the same as the Imperial 7th fleet, capsuleer fleets from other loyal houses, and even foreigners. The interests of the Imperial Court, Her Sublime Majesty Catiz I, and Dam-Amarr would be better served by weighing the merits of all potential Houses before appointing a new Holder of Fabai.

Should the Court, in its wisdom, consider having a wider selection of candidates for the Holder of Fabai, we further humbly suggest that the Ministry of Internal Order oversee security of Fabai in the interim as they operate several stations within the constellation.

In Faith, for God and Empire.

Your humble and loyal servant,

Lady Mitara Newelle of House Sarum, Holder of the Mekhios province of Damnidios Para’nashu, Champion of House Sarum, Paladin Commander of the Sacred Throne Order, Sworn Upholder of the Faith, Divine Commodore of the 24th Imperial Crusade


Lady Leona Cordelia Elkin
Lord Thiago Gallius
Garion Avarr, Lord Shirrat and Heir to the al-Istahal Holding on Hibi III
Lunarisse Daphiti, Co-Executrix of Khimi Harar [LUMEN]
Lyra North-Onren, Co-Executrix of Khimi Harar [LUMEN]

Virtue. Valor. Victory.

Chancellor Pious Newelle


I am terribly sorry that I was unable to add my name to this document prior to its submission. If I may, however, let me voice my support for the document as submitted and agreement with the opinions expressed therein. May God grant us all the wisdom to see this matter resolved well.

Lord Esna Pitoojee, Diplomat of Khimi Harar [LUMEN]


What a blatant and disgraceful piece of politicking this is.

Should the Holder of Fabai be found negligent, what other house could be better suited to taking over their duties than House Khanid? In all factors - geographic, societal, and strategic - House Khanid is the obvious choice to provide the best protection for the people of Fabai.

As immediate neighbors of the Fabai constellation, itself located in one of the most lawless regions of any under Imperial sovereignty, House Khanid and the Royal Khanid Navy understand better than any other the dangers presented by the blood drinkers of Delve. What other House has as much experience in fighting them, in rooting out their heresy day-by-day, than House Khanid? Placing the entry to Delve under Khanid protection would enable the RKN to perform more successfully than ever before in preventing their noxious filth from ever entering Imperial territories. Populations all across Fabai would sleep more soundly knowing the brave Captains of the RKN defend them, and are present.

This document is written entirely and fundamentally with flawed and biased intentions. Signed by those politically opposed to House Khanid, without thought for what is best for the people of Fabai.

The Khanid fleets were stationed within their own borders, as is right. Were those borders to include Fabai, then the ability of the fleet to defend the constellation would obviously be magnified considerably. It is certainly interesting that the point of foreigners is raised however, considering the cooperation of those within House Newelle and their allies, with those who attacked and destroyed the Khanid forces in Anath! Certainly not the kind of act one would expect from those who truly care for the protection and stability of the constellation.

Here, I do not disagree. I am confidant that all merits weighed, none shall stand above House Khanid in suitability for this honourable task.

I strongly hope to see this proposal rejected and House Khanid’s writ of distraint ratified.

Faithfully and respectfully,

Lady Liliya Setareh
Second Daughter of Lord Ghunan Setareh
Knight of Neyi IV

Another vassal of Kador. I mean, it’s not that difficult a concept, is it? If the manager of a hamburger franchise is screwing up, you replace the manager. You don’t suddenly turn the business into a taco joint.

Wait, I thought they were within their own borders! Speaking as the individual pilot who attacked and destroyed the entire pathetic little contingent the Royal Khanid Navy brought to Amath: had the Blood Raiders shown up, they would have put up more of a fight than the RKN. Blooder scouting roams picking over asteroid belts bring more firepower than the RKN did. If that was the RKN’s attempt to actually interdict blooder activity, the Blooders would have won that fight, handily, without bringing anything larger than an Ashimmu.

So if that’s the sort of ‘merit’ House Khanid is attempting to stand on, I humbly submit that Admiral Fabricator-General Ascentior of PIE would be a better choice for Holder of Fabai. At least when he’s inexcusably negiligent in not getting off his ass and doing a damned thing, he has competent junior officers who can do his job for him, unlike King Khanid 2.0 (Rev B) and his mewling little whiner of a Derp-Duke, or whatever ridiculous title Chakaid’s claiming now.

A feeble false equivalence. In your analogy, House Khanid are simply another manager.

Even you, handicapped by your race as you are, cannot possibly need me to explain the difference between “stationed” and “deployed”.

Your King is demanding Kador territory as payment for humanitarian relief. How noble. There is no merit in this claim as has been stated, and certainly no honor. The Court now reviewing if House Kador was negligent enough to warrant reassignment of the constellation is the result of the Khanid filing, however, and therefore must be dealt with.

What is best for the people of Fabai is what is best for Dam-Amarr, which is now whatever the Imperial Court and Her Sublime Majesty decide it to be. This is exactly what we request the Court to determine.


My king is requesting this territory on the grounds it’s closer to us then you for debts yet paid.

It’s a comprise that solves problem old and new.

At the very least House Khanid would be a different district manager. Unless the issue is widespread and uniform across all of Kador holdings, then there is no reason to expect Kador cannot address the issue internally.

Yes, yes, focus on the snark, and not the substance. If the basis of Khanid’s claim is that Kador isn’t competent or capable, then the show of incompetence by Khanid forces needs be considered. And really, I’ve run into single, long-abandoned EC-300s in Anoikis that put up more of a fight than the Khanid forces did.

Absolutely shameful.

What debts would those be, Lord Crases?

This needs to be made clear - House Sarum has not, to our knowledge, submitted a petition to the Court presenting a case for assignment. If the Court does decide to entertain petitions from the other Great Houses and His Grace does choose to do so, we of course would support that endeavor.

And how much do they total, that six star systems—not merely the taxes from six systems for a year, or a century, but the systems themselves—are to be considered commensurate payment? Let’s have it clearly established what the going rate is to buy a star system from the Amarr Empire.

Aryth might want a few.

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I’m a strong supporter of a separation between the Kingdom and the Imperial proper. While I support being allies and acknowledge the duties all the heirs have with each other and the greater Amarr…

I believe the strong military tradition of our people has been taken advantage of. Now we can better protect the faithful closer to our strongholds then yours. We are nearer, we responded quicker. This isn’t a favor, it’s a responsibly one we will guard with honor as we always have done for Amarr.

Something Amarr seems to forget.

An issue not directly addressed in the original amici curiae is that it is wholly inappropriate to deliver Imperial territory to a semi-independent entity that does not fully accept Imperial authority. Giving Fabai to the Kingdom constitutes a loss of Imperial territory. This is unacceptable. For the Kingdom’s writ to be considered it first should accept all Imperial ministries as having authority in the Kingdom, including the Theology Council and Ministry of Internal Order.

Anything less would be an insult to the Empire as it stands.



Any comment, my lord?


Not on this thread.

Wouldn’t it also constitute a direct violation of the Empire’s divine mandate to bring every person on every world around every star into greater unity with god through the Empire?

The Kingdom falls within the Empire Lord Newelle. The Kingdom is Imperial territory.

You may have become accustomed to the pandering of the Newelle family to your desperate need to interject yourself into every discussion of Imperial matters, but let me make something clear; Your point of view is utterly irrelevant.

Perhaps you subscribe to the belief that “everyone has a right to their opinion”, and so justify your endless blathering. You would be wrong. In internal matters of the Empire, you are not entitled to your opinion, Tribal, and you are certainly not entitled to bore us with it. Learn your place.

The Kingdom are the perfect choice to guard Fabai in large part because of our martial history, I certainly agree with you there Lord Crases. However, it is not simply the borders of the Kingdom that are threatened by the blood drinker scum. The whole Empire, of which we are a part, must be vigilant against their insidious whispers and their brutal raids. We have a great deal of experience with this, in large part due to our own geographic closeness to Delve, but are hamstrung in our ability to prevent the foul heretics from crossing the Imperial border.

The protection of Fabai as an Imperial territory, with Imperial citizens, should be the first priority of all involved. House Khanid’s ability to do this is, however, unparalleled.

Are you quite certain about that? Because most people I know are still unclear on the matter. Are you an Empire or a Kingdom? Do Imperial ministries have authority within your borders? Does the Theology Council rule on Khanid Church doctrine? May the MIO’s inquisitors conduct investigations and make arrests? Do Khanid citizens get drafted into the Imperial Navy or Army?

It all seems very murky. Perhaps your King or his mouthpiece might clarify.

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Well, that’s just like, your opinion, man.

Funny, I never see the Imperial Navy in there. Don’t see the Ardishapur Royal Navy (as all of the Heir Houses style themselves ‘royal’) boppin’ about in Thebeka, neither. HMmmmm :thinking:

New to the stars, I visited Anath to see for myself the merits of our sovereign’s claim. Perhaps Arida may be called desolate, but I cannot fairly say that the region is incompetently administered. I encountered more difficulty visiting Providence by way of Tash-Murkon than I did passing all the way into Delve. To save myself the trouble of returning through the emptiness, I stopped before an Eye of Terror. No dark gods emerged; however, after a short while I was indeed somewhere else.

Although the Khanid have listened for too long to the so called true Amarr, a people whose god has forsaken their reclaiming, petitioning a decrepit empire for a prize based on claims that stretch truth is not an honorable course.