The Issue of the Khanid Kingdom and Extremist Theology

I, Synthia, recently had a Thought about the nature of the Khanid Kingdom, and the Numerous Problems that have occurred Lately.

The Underlying Issue as I see it, is that the Kingdom lacks the Strong Central Religious Authority that the Theology Council provides in the Amarr Empire Proper.

It is Written, by the prophet Anoyia:
The word of the Lord is pure,
It is a shield for the faithful,
Brought unto men by the Angels,
As a guiding light in the darkness

Thus, the Word is a Beacon of Light in the Darkness. This Guiding Light is the role of the Theology Council, which provides a Central Authority on the Correct application of The Scriptures to everyday life.

However, in the Khanid Kingdom, this authority does Not Exist. The actions of the Kings Khanid, in elevating Royal law above Scripture, have the Result of fracturing the Interpretation of Scripture, which creates an Environment where Religious Extremist Cults can gain local power, though they would Squabble amongst themselves. This is Politically Expedient for the Kings, as it Prevents the formation of a Religious Power Bloc that might Oppose Royal policy or be otherwise Inconvenient to the King.
The Lack of a central Religious authority also allows minor authority Figures such as the local Kingdom Holders to manipulate the People by distortion of the Interpretation of Scripture.

This system of Metaphorical Smoke and Mirrors has Obscured and Distorted the Guiding Light of the Holy Word.

The Khanid People themselves, remain Faithful, and Attempt as Best they Can to adhere to Scripture. However, they lack Guidance and Access to the Theology Council Advice Libraries, which can cause them to Stray, through No Fault of their Own.

Thus, the Khanid Kingdom must be Reclaimed by the Amarr Empire, such that the Khanid People can receive proper Guidance by the Theology Council, through Dismantling of the Smoke and Mirrors that have long Obscured the Light.

This is my Thought on the Matter.


Synthia 1, Queen of Kaztropolis.

Were your hypothesis correct - spoiler, it is not - how would you explain how Aga-Count Chakaid, King Khanid’s personal representative - is on the Theology Council and, according to some conspiracy theorists here, running the whole council?


An enemy within which isn’t being properly controlled.

Though deception and possibly malice on the part of others, Chakaid has ascended to a position of which he isn’t worthy.

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A more generous interpretation would be that Aga-Count Chakaid was chosen as one of the King’s representatives to the Theology Council as it begins the work of reintegrating the Khanid Rites and practices into the approved, standard practices of the Theology Council.


I shall respectfully disagree with your original premise as I believe - along with many others - that the Kingdom sought to uphold orthodoxy in the face of a troubling succession.

However, I do appreciate you explaining your view thoughtfully and without the use of attacks or slurs on King Khanid, Aga-Count Chakaid or the Khanid Kingdom.

Thank you.

Because it’s such a crime to be rude to somebody who at the very least is irresponsible enough to not notice his rhetoric often leads to Blood Raider attacks on various locations. That is the best case scenario where he is given every unreasonable benefit of the doubt. One day the truth of the extent of his crimes will come to light and you’ll be feeling very dumb.

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There is no “extremist theology” in the Khanid Kingdom. It is only that the Khanid Kingdom has stood fast in its theology for centuries, while the Amarr Empire has become wayward and liberal and abolitionist.

The Kingdom is more liberal than the Empire. It allows commoners to own slaves and free market enterprise with outsiders. It does not hold to traditional values.


You, Nauplius, are probably the most public example of extremist theology the Khanid Kingdom has ever produced. You have the gall to declare the Empire wayward and liberal when you have yourself claimed to start a new religion based upon your own wayward beliefs. There is no more liberal act then saying “everything is wrong, I’m the only prophet who sees the way”

You are wrong. You were wrong. God, The Faithful, and all the rest of the cluster proved that you were wrong over and over again.

In another thread you claimed that you were doing your duty to the Empire. The only duty a heretic like you has, is to die. Embrace what you have inflicted upon so many unfortunates. Suffer what they have suffered, and die. Unreclaimed, a wayward soul, lost to divinity, lost to creation, and forgotten in this world and the next.


I think the best theological thinking comes from:

  • Synthia
  • Alar Chakaid
  • Nauplius

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It’s already in the light. Many, like des Larmes and your Theology Council, choose to wear blinders.

We know he’s responsible for many crimes, but we don’t know the full extent. He’s likely done plenty we haven’t seen. My statement stands.

Whatever. That’s not my interpretation, but I’m not in the mood to argue semantics with you.

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