An Appeal to Amarr-Affiliated Pilots

OOC NOTE: Some faction warfare mechanics are hard to map to in-character terms. I will enclose game terms in brackets in an attempt to clarify my in-character explanations.

From: Canaith Lydian of TF641 from the Amarr-Minmatar Warzone
To: Capsuleers Sympathetic to the Amarr Cause

Subject: The Faction War Requires a New Influx of Pilots Dedicated to the Amarr Cause

I, Canaith Lydian, have served as a member of Task Force 641 for almost a year. During that time, I have participated in a push of the Amarrian cause in the Amarr-Minmatar war with successes that many thought impossible. For the first time in a very long time, the Amarr owned more of the war zone than the Minmatar Republic, and even more was seen as possible. All high-sec access points to Amarr space were in Amarr control. It has been my pleasure and privilege to have supported the Amarr in these efforts alongside many dedicated brothers and sisters in arms. It was an extraordinary effort for which credit is due to a great many pilots.

Something has happened, however, that has not only stopped the progress of the Amarr in the warzone but has given back much ground to the Minmatar. In a relatively short time, the Amarr have lost the north and are once again placed on the defensive in the south and east. By all honest accounts, the Amarr are losing the war.

Many near the war zone would attribute this predicament to mere numbers or the mechanics of the war. Others would claim that the reason we are losing ground is because of stresses and strains of the sustained stalemate in Auga and Vard. Certainly, there is a sense in which these claims are true, at least in part. It is not honest, however, to attribute our losses to these reasons alone.

Others might point to the recent changes in the relationships of the Amarr-Affiliated Alliances as the chief contributor to our loss of momentum. There has been much drama recently, and it has certainly not helped. Despite the dedication of the rank-and-file pilots in the war zone from every Alliance, the unity that strengthened us during the sieges of Huola and Kormonen is no more. Fewer are the mighty standing fleets of pilots from every Amarr alliance. Fewer are the shared experiences across alliances that instilled the pride of accomplishing things together. So, yes, there is a sense in which the claims of those who blame our losses on inter-alliance relations are true, at least in part. Again, however, it is not completely honest to attribute our losses to this.

There is a simple reason that we have started to lose this war. Try as I might to present it in a flowery language, the cause is too simple for such prose. So simple is the problem that it can remain unseen in plain sight, because so simple a reason is profoundly difficult to believe. Even as I type it, the simplicity of it coupled with its absurdity makes me loathe to write, but it must be written. The true cause of our lost momentum is simply this:

Most of the alliances currently claiming affiliation to the Amarr cause in the Faction war do not care to fight the war.

As the siege of Auga waged on, with Kinari leading those stubbornly dedicated to its cause from all Alliances in the Militia, most of the leadership of the Amarr alliances sought after other goals. Some, instead of seeking to win contestation, sought merely “big fights” for their members. Some, instead of seeking unity with the rest of the Amarr Militia, focused their energies on establishing independence. While the Minmatar from many alliances, flying as one faction, completed objectives in our frontline systems, more and more Amarr pilots grew a sense of disdain at the idea of lending our support to local operations [completing faction warfare plexes], as though the task was somehow beneath us. In fact, many Alliance leaders encouraged such disdain on open comms.

In truth, the true goal of any fleet hoping to win a system in the faction war is simply to complete as many operations [plexes] that support the local war as we can. The fighting between capsuleer ships should be to either complete these operations [plexes] or to distract the enemy from completing them. Instead, in far too many Amarr fleets, the fights become the goal and the operations become an afterthought. Though their completion is the necessary component of our conquest, they are seen as a distraction from the fighting. Thus, the priorities are backwards, and we lose.

If the Amarr hope to turn the tide again as we did last year, we need an influx of pilots, those willing to lead and those willing to serve, who carry a burden for Amarr victory in the war zone above all else. We need a new breed of Capsuleer who sees honor in controlling every operational zone [plex] in the system for which we fight. That is, after all, how the war zone is won.

So, Mission Runners, come to our aid! The heretics you hunt will wait while you fulfill your destiny and change the map. Explorers, we have need of you, too! Ratters, your skills have a purpose in the war zone! We need haulers and industrials, too.

Yes, you will learn to fight other Capsuleers (if that is what you want to learn). After all, the easiest way to attract a fight is to push relentlessly the objectives in a system your enemy does not want you to have. But the forgotten purpose of the battles in the war is the completion of every available operation [plex] that supports the cause of those we have come to save.

Are you a pilot who wishes to fly with those who seek the glory of Amarr? Then come! We will have you. We need good fleet commanders, too, but we need FC’s who will not roll their eyes at the thought of holding all the objectives in a system. We need FC’s who are humble enough to learn the tactics and mechanics of the faction war and who will tailor their skills accordingly. If you let us, we will show you what we know, and then those dedicated to Amarr will follow you every day until the entire warzone flies our banner.

If your corporation or alliance desires to lead us, and if you are willing to learn how to conquer the war zone, we who are here will follow you. If, however, you are one of those Capsuleers who seek only battles without meaning or effect, or if you seek a purpose here other than winning the war, please stay away. We have too many like you already.

If my words have offended anyone, I apologize for my directness. Please forgive the passion in my plea and consider what it feels like to have your hard-earned effort in support of Amarr disregarded, undone, or turned aside. My plea goes out to any who share a desire for Amarr victory. Those to whom I seek to move will understand the frustration of a brother who is dedicated to the same hope as they. The Amarr have tasted victories these past months, but we have dared to hope for more. Our victory was so close! Please forgive me for the depth of my disappointment.

Please remember that I do not speak on behalf of my corporation, alliance, or faction. My words are my own, and so I alone bear the responsibility for any friction my words may cause.

Thank you for your time and kind attention.

Canaith Lydian


I am afraid this medium may not be reaching your target audience for this message, brother. Those of Faith who have the will to fight in this war are not in great enough numbers to turn the tide. I admire the effort, however.


I would give slightly more cheerful advice. Irrespective of side, willpower is the most important factor in this conflict, followed by preparedness. As long as the mind is willing, and there are sufficient in-system reships to counter everything you will encounter, you can still make a difference.

And what I am pointing out is the lack of willingness that has led to the current state of our front.

Pack it in, boys, it’s just not your time. Even your own people are tired of the conflict. They say it’s better to burn out than fade away, but you can’t burn out if you’re not even on fire, and the Amarr militia looks pretty wet right now.

Pack it in, boys, it’s just not your time. Even your own people are tired of the conflict. They say it’s better to burn out than fade away, but you can’t burn out if you’re not even on fire, and the Amarr militia looks pretty wet right now.

Perhaps…but I wouldn’t count them out just yet. All manner of things have ways of rising from the ashes when otherwise considered dead and done.

Golf claps

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