The Amarr / Minmatar Warzone Accord - On Loyalty and Roles


On the Accord

As a proud member of the Amarr fighting force of Amarrian Vengeance it has come to my attention that a certain schism has emerged amongst Amarr loyalists since it began. With some being more vocal than others on this, the schism remains.

I seek to address this schism in the following letter as it seems some clarifications needed to be highlighted.

It has been a little over a month since the very controversial agreement between a small Coalition of Amarr fighters and Ushra Khan has come into effect.

While many scoffs have been thrown at this accord or agreement, I will not take this letter as a direct debate to many an Amarr senior that has felt uncomfortable with such an agreement, but rather as a much-needed clarification from someone in the front lines of this accord and responsible for upholding it.

The main and obvious reason for such negativity from our beloved Amarr seniors at this agreement is not a surprise. As it does in effect hand over system control of 24th Imperial Crusade systems to a sworn enemy. Systems that not only do many Amarr, but myself included, consider to be holy ground. Holy ground that has been time and time again rightfully fertilized by our blood, sweat and tears as we reclaim and purify it from the Matar’s hold.

On Roles

What many an outsider to Amarr ways of thinking overlook is the very simple fact of roles. Everyone is born into their roles in society and in this universe as God has intended. And it just so happens that the Role of the Amarr is to be in control and bring to light the lower and often misguided souls that think what they do in their short-lived lives, and what they speak and do somehow affects the grand scheme of our creator. A scheme that spans billions of years that does not even compare to the minuscule speck of time these lower creations live, feed and breed. Indeed, many a wayward soul believes that they somehow have a hand in destiny and to guide the over arching plan of the creator. This, of course, stems from humanities hopeless hubris and struggle to have control over their lives, destinies and ultimately…roles that have been given to the by the All Mighty.

Many a faithless soul proclaims proudly and loudly that they curse the creator, and are smarter than those that have fallen to that fiction they call religion. As if their lowly opinion has even a speck of consideration or effect on the overall plan and destiny of this universe.

To bring this around to our letter it is important to affirm our role in this universe. Our role is simple, we are Soldiers for the Amarr Empire. Our stated reason for being as Amarrian Vengeance pilots has always been the spearhead of attacks that culminate in the rejoicing cry of Amarr Victor as another system is reclaimed by the light. This is our role, this is who we are, and nothing will change that. I have come to peace with my role in life, as a Soldier. More specifically a Soldier that is loyal to a cause, a soldier that fights mercenaries. More on this later.

The problem going forward once this role has been established is a problem of loyalty. Loyalty is such a small word, but such an important factor in all of this.

It is simply the will of the creator that the light is spread, it is simply our role in this grand universe to be part of those spreading it. Those that disrupt the natural order of this grand plan with frivolous loyalties are to be dealt with as such.

On Loyalty

It is common knowledge that what differentiates a soldier from a mercenary is loyalty. One is loyal to a cause, another may fight for either side, and in many cases does just that.

What our warzone has been saturated with in the recent years has been mercenaries, they wear the same badges, the same ranks, fly the same ships and fight for the same systems as do the soldiers. But their loyalty is flimsy at best. As such our role in Amarrian Vengeance has taken a sudden turn as to fighting to reclaim systems and break the backs of the most powerful Minmatar enemies to a role of fighting those that show less than pure loyalty. Those that are not loyal to the Amarr but rather loyal to other causes, mainly money.

Thus, to reiterate the current accord it is simply a war between Soldiers, that fight for either the Amarr or the Matar, and mercenaries that fight for any and all as long as the pay is well.

This immediate threat must be addressed. And as we address it, may no one be confused or suspicious about our loyalty. If this issue is not addressed then the fighting force of each of the four Empires will always be diseased by this cancer. A cancer that many should agree should not infect our ranks as soldiers. This accord if you will is simply a case of soldiers, opposing soldiers, coming together to fight a common enemy. How long this will last remains to be seen, but rest assured the minute it is over well, suffice to say a tiger never loses it’s stripes no matter how muddy it gets hunting.

Faithfully yours,

Stalking Mantis

Using treason to fight profiteering. The former a capital crime, the later a lesser felonious crime. I admire the mental gymnastics required.

That is a very heavy word to be thrown around so lightly Sir.

If this were an issue just between mercenaries the deal would not be such an issue. However, it is not.

The pro-Deal faction outright wiped out Amarr Navy space superiority across the Amarr side of the warzone. In doing so, they opened up the systems involved to potential Rebel ground assaults, as well as disrupting the Amarr administrations of those systems.

That’s why we are so angry. Capsuleers thinking that they are the only people that matter is a destabilizing force that has hurt countless people.


As you surely know, treason is the word used by the proper Amarr authority over most of the warzone who specifically has condemned this deal.


And on the other hand it has established Amarr superiority over the Matar side of the warzone.

And that Good Sir is exactly what we are fighting, As highlighted by the section of the letter ‘On Loyalty’.

And yet they smile at the light being spread into Metropolis. While complete control would appease them all. Lets not forget who spearheaded the last complete warzone control. While I mean no disrespect to any Authority it was not said Authorities that did so if my Memory serves me well. I believe we have no need to assert or even defend our established loyalty. And as such will not even argue that with anyone.

-Yours Faithfully

You offer a weak defense even in this statement, you claim that your loyalty is ‘established’ as though that excuses what you do now.

Placing billions of citizens in jeopardy to deny a reward to others you feel is rightfully due to yourselves is not the conduct of soldiers, but by your own definition mercenaries. The only foe those mercenaries on both sides have thus far united to fight have been those of the crusade not party to your treason, a further disloyalty conveniently omitted.

So argued or otherwise, nothing you’ve said convinces me you have any loyalty to defend. Nor should any right thinking person be swayed by the words of a profiteer, a seditionist, and a traitor.

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“Which test reveals more of the soul, the test that a man will take to prove his faith, or the test that finds the man who believed his faith already proven? If you know this answer, then you also know which of these challenges bear the greatest penalty for failure. The gates of paradise will open for you one time only; woe to the soul who dares to knock twice.”
- The Scriptures, Book of Missions 5:14


The moment your pilots chose to sponsor slaves and associates to enlist with the Minmatar and simultaneously turned their guns on Amarr Militia working to reclaim in The Empress’ name, any suspicions of your corporation’ loyalty were quickly abated.

Defend your deal if you must. It is your actions that will be judged.


Guilt by association is it?

It would be easier for me to brush off such a statement from those that do not know. But from someone as yourself, someone that knows exactly what my actions where in YC112.05.22, someone to see on my wing as I looked out of my ships cockpit in that period, that I find hard to swallow.

Aside from the issues of loyalty and obedience which have been raised by those closer to the issue than I, another concern of mine about this agreement is how I think it will hinder new recruits to the Crusade.

I was not a wealthy pilot when I joined PIE. While I spent most of my time plexing (back when there was no immediate reward) or joining fleets, the mission agents were my primary source of income. I would not have been able to lose more than a dozen ships before I would have been forced to retreat from the warzone and recuperate. What do you suggest a novice militia member is to do when you give up the mission agents and have your proxies attack Amarrian militia in plexes?


I assure you, this is certainly no easier for me to swallow. I repeatedly urged our pilots to not jump to conclusions for those very reasons. It is rare to find the kind of loyalty Amarrian Vengeance used to display.

It was when I was shown that not only were A-VNG allowing the enemy to capture the systems unabated, but were firing upon the enlisted pilots of Amarr Militia, openly claiming that they would AWOX anyone who attacked their slaves or associates in the Minmatar Militia.

Choose to defend this treaty if you must. But do not assume to do so while claiming innocence of such actions.


Stalking Mantis is soldier , Caldari, Deteis , many of us remember him from Wolfsbrigade . His words are iron , i mean no disrespect Karmilla , but ambassador or representavies from PIE have no meaning here for a man like Stalking Mantis .

Things have changed quite a bit. Most of our pilots support themselves without spending time working for agents.
It has become increasingly clear that agents are being gamed by people playing both sides with much greater frequency than helping keep the loyal afloat.


I must admit, this conversation has seemed to sway from it’s intended goal. With that in mind I will admit to the following mistakes on my part in this discussion:

1- I made the assumption that my actions in the past would hold some merit with those that bled for Arzad with me in YC116. It seems that was a misjudgment on my behalf. While I have great admiration for those that flew by my wing at that time I find the random accusations of treason from those that do not know me to be mildly amusing.

2-I was hoping my standing among the Amarr, mainly those of PIE, based on my individual past actions, would do more to mend the Schism than drive it deeper.

With the above mentioned it would be important to point out he following:

1-I was not part of the people that decided to enter into the agreement. I was planet side when it was molded and rushed back when word of it reached me.

2-You would be hard pressed to find any combat record of me shooting an Amarr.

3-I am Stalking Mantis, not Amarrian Vengeance. But I am also trying to explain the logic behind those that entered into the agreement. If you want to level charges of treason against Mantis then by all means let them be based on the actions of Mantis.

-Yours Faithfully

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I’m not in PIE any more. I’m speaking more as a veteran of multiple militia corps who is familiar with pilot attrition rates.

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Perhaps your only error was attempting to defend actions of others who have kept their real crimes from you.

Remind them who you really are. Show the strength of your loyalty. Demand that your brothers seek penance for their crimes.

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In claiming to be one of those responsible for upholding this accord, you admit your treason. In attempting you justify it you engage in sedition
The only crime I accused you of not demonstrated in your initial communication was profiteering, and your comrades do more than their share of that. I hope you are not so naive as to be surprised when you choose to speak for the damned that you are asked to answer for them.

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Well this is going places…


Very much like the population of Floseswin IV, perhaps you should see to the disposition of your own people before reveling in this spectacle.