[SERAPH] Jubilee gift to the Throne

As we enter our second year of the Her Majesty, Empress Catiz I’s reign, the Special Empire Response for the Assault and Penetration of Hives (SERAPH) offers Her Majesty spoils from our ongoing war against the Drifters in the form of a full set of hive elements, including a Coalesced Element.

SERAPH has maintained active combat operations against the Drifters, attacking and killing them in their wormhole bastions in an effort to safeguard the Holy Amarr Empire and New Eden at large. Our pilots are some of the best in the cluster, devising new tactics and doctrines that allow for highly effective attacks. Indeed, SERAPH is on the bleeding edge of anti-Drifter stratagems.

We recognize that while the Drifters might have invaded Holy Amarr, their threat is not limited to us. SERAPH has sought out the best pilots, no matter where they are, flying with Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar pilots as well, in a spirit of cooperation and friendship as we all seek to defend our home from this outside threat.

We hope that these spoils will be more than mere baubles to Her Majesty, that she will use them in research to develop new technologies to defend Holy Amarr and all of New Eden.


Could you present some nasty spoils to CONCORD and Imperial Chancellor as well to press them to replace the long deceased Jamyl Sarum from the CEO position of the Emperor Family with our beloved new empress, Catiz Tash-Murkon? It appears that both these groups and others show some unsightly neglect in recognizing Catiz Tash-Murkon’s true status.

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I’m sure the proper paperwork was filed long ago, Mr Luzade. These things take time to go through proper civic and religious channels, it’s not like someone can just go into a database and change a foreign key reference.


release the imperial jubilee skin already.

You recognize the Drifter threat to our holy lands yet you and others like you continue to ignore the threat that sits upon the throne. A half-breed pretender that laughed in the face of god, spit upon his holy scriptures and succeeded in leading his faithful down a path of heresy!

“Her Majesty” isn’t deserving of your gifts, don’t blind yourself like the rest of those fools.


You know other amerr are going to put you in front of the national razor ((AKa The guillotine))

I tried to think of an official answer for this, but ultimately, it comes down to “No.”


we must save holy amarr…though my concerns lie with the ammatar mandate…

#not my empress
#but the scriptures
#lock her up

I fail to understand why you cannot use proper grammar. I wish to legitimately understand what the use of that symbol and the failure to correctly space a sentence.

Ugh, angry amarr again…

Alizabeth, for what its worth, happy hunting and I hope you have a good first year or what ever you people are calling it. Everybody deserves a reason to celebrate, whatever the reason may be.



Thank you. In a time of darkness, even a little light is blinding, but it shines with the beacon of a thousand million suns. It is God’s Light shining through our Empress, giving hope to the Faithful.

We Amarr shall carry it into all the dark places we must walk, bringing hope to everyone.

God Bless Empress Catiz I! Long may she reign!


Amen, Sister.


It seems such a short time has passed since I observed the Trials. And here we are, cresting upon a year of time since.

Before the first Sarum Prime incident, the Drifters seemed almost as an ephemeral threat; something in the back of ones mind but so distant and separate from Torchwood and her people. But then, celebrating one of the Amarrian’s greatest capsuleer alliances, they struck. Unleashing a devastating attack on the Imperial Navy.

We lost our previous flagship that day not only because we fired the first salvo in defense of the Navy, but because I could not abide such an honorless attack. As Alizabeth so aptly stated, since then all empires have felt the bite of these hostile entities. But none more than our friends and allies, the Amarrian people.

With so much tears and blood in our shared recent history we are happy to celebrate this bright day with Amarr and Her Majesty, and wish her many more of these special days to come.

As for those who spit their venom and rhetoric upon this day, give it a rest. Your words shall change no one’s heart on this matter. You waste both your breath and your time.



I am pleased to announce that our gift was accepted!
Sourem Itharen > The Office has accepted the offering of the loyal Alizabeth Vea of SERAPH.

Glory to Empress Catiz I!


Kill the Loyalist, save the Empire !!!


Death is false to the Empress !

You disgrace the memory of Empress Jamyl with your heresy.


Better to be a heretic than a blind servant of the false Empress.

She would never have written such a will. You yourself know this very well. There can not be six heirs in the Privy Council. Khanid II was only an observer, and did not have the right to vote.
Empress Jamyl well aware of this.
Five apostles who stood up for the Emperor. Sixth can not be!
A testament is a lie.
The war against the Drifters is the suicide and recklessness of the Admiral of the Imperial Navy.
You sent your subjects to suicide, although you had a fleet of Titans. I do not need to tell you tales here that you do not know about the whole power of the Empire, tell it to others.
You know perfectly well how Tash-Murkon got his title "Heir"
I never kneel before Udorian !!!