A Warning to Empress Catiz Tash-Murkon

Catiz Tash-Murkon, Empress of the Amarr Empire,

I, Salador Vern, True Citizen of Sansha’s Nation and leader of True Influence, speak for Master Kuvakei in saying that we see you. We see what you are doing, preparing your navy for an invasion into the region of Stain. We are watching, tracking their movements, preparing counter-moves of our own. If you think we do not have agents among your military men, you are as much a fool as we have been lead to believe.

Cease your preparations at once. Should your navy jump into Stain I guarantee they will be met with the full force of Master Kuvakei’s loyal True Slaves. For every ship you bring down an Incursion will be made into Amarr space, reinforcing our number with the civilians of your Empire. Brother will fight brother, and your armies will be forced to slaughter their own if you wish to have any hope of defeating us.

Tash-Murkon borders Stain. Your people will be the first and easiest to take and make our own. Their blood will fuel our engines of war. Take heed of this warning, and do not tempt the Master’s wrath. He has been content to ignore you until now. No longer.

Our Nation. Unity is Strength.

Salador Vern

My my. A move against Stain? Bold. Brash, even. It’d certainly upstage the Collective more than a bit to see someone actually take the fight to the Nation for the first time in recent memory. Imagine. Empire and Collective, fighting side by side in an alliance of convenience in Forests of Glorification in Ordat beating back the hornets nest of a mobilized Nation actually doing something of consequence other than snatching babies out of cribs or boosting an entire station’s population with a Devious Lick.

But no.

Knowing the bleeding Amarr they’re probably just gearing up to bash their heads against the Floseswin button again. Almost a shame, honestly, you made this sound so interesting.


Ambitious, some would say.
Biting off a lot more than one can chew is another way to see it.

Either way, someone’s getting eaten and either one is delicious.


While Amarr isn’t really of my concern, any Nation activity will be responded to immediately, and with lethal force. I advise tanking for thermal and explosive, which may add a few extra moments to your existance.



Rusty Tsero,

We see you as well. The Special Operational Troika for Extirpation of Corrupted Narodnya, Kresnik Svarog, already fails to remove our influence from your ranks. We grow ever stronger, and it will not be long before an entire Clade of the Triglavian Collective receives the enlightenment of Master Kuvakei. Should you stand against us, know you cannot trust your fellows. Their extensive cybernetic adaptations make them prime candidates for implantation, and our methods are subtle enough that you would not tell friend from foe.

Should you wish to open the gates of battle, we shall stand upon the other side and await your coming. Just prepare for the knife in the back.

Our Nation. Unity is Strength.

Salador Vern

You are not better than gallente.

How dare you threaten to the Empress of the largest Empire? Standing against Empire means as well standing against the State. Your master is nothing but another gurista which slipped from under our boot when we crushed and incinerated his “Nation” last time.

Learn your place and await for the judgement without making such pathetic squeaks anymore. You have outlasted your allowed for existence time in this cluster and I am looking forward for the operation to cleanse Kuvake’s abomination from the face of New Eden.

Once and forever.


Glory to the State!


Any other Amarr loyalists want to take on this one? I’m busy.

I just gotta know…

Who are you?


I think plenty would Lord Consort, but 1) I highly doubt they speak for Nation in an official capacity and 2) we’re already hostile with Nation, what would it matter if some of its bootlickers among the Capsuleer class decide to puff up their chests? This hardly dignifies a proper response from anyone.


What’s that i hear? The vapid bleating of a lost lamb?

laughs manically

I guess you don’t like your life eh? This is naught but the gnashing of teeth from the dirt at our ankles.

I mean, that’s clearly Aldrith…

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While we share no love for the Amarr, we in Kybernauts Clade of Krai Perun relish the opportunity to assist in the extirpation of the Hivelinked Foreign Narodnya and their brainwashed allies. We are beginning to coordinate our own “incursion” into your blighted home of Stain. Such a fitting name. Expect us.

N. Kondur
Kybernauts Clade

I stand as Salador Vern, True Citizen of Sansha’s Nation and head of True Influence, the outward facing third pillar of the Nation alongside True Power and True Creation. Once I was a citizen of the Ammar Empire, until a heretical priest of their number sold my family out to the Blood Raiders. I was rescued by sympathizers of the Nation, raised among the finest minds the cluster has to offer, and finally granted True Citizen status upon becoming a capsuleer. Now I speak in defense of our Nation, defending it from aggressors and furthering our goals in the cluster. I assure you, despite the propaganda that the Empires needlessly spew about Master Kuvakei and his Vision, we are quite reasonable and can be dealt with peaceably. The Empires, as ever, know only the language of the sword.

I’ll humor you. What exactly are these “goals” you speak of? Even prior to joining the Collective, We could see the actions of Sansha and his Nation. They are as vile now as in the past.

Kybernauts Clade

Master Kuvakei seeks only the advancement of human flourishing. His vision is based on the idea that there are differences in the capabilities of different individuals, and that those most capable of advancing humanity should not be burdened by the petty concerns of economics, self defense, and other trivialities. Instead, those less capable should handle those aspects of being on their behalf, freeing them to innovate and push the boundaries of the possible, expanding the reach of mankind throughout the galaxy and beyond. Despite the hostility of the Empires to this vision, he continues to work and expand the human consciousness, as do I.

You say you revile our methods. This is understandable. What you see today is a Nation with complete surety in its vision pushed to the brink of desperation, hunted needlessly by those it once stood beside. Had our allies in the Amarr not turned their backs on us in our time of need, the collapse of the Nation into its current state would not have occurred, and the cluster would be the better for it as innovations sprung forth from the Nation to better the lives of all.

Before the collapse, we were hailed as the greatest technological minds New Eden had ever seen. Our minds have not changed. What has changed is the willingness of the Empires to accept the cost of innovation. To accept that some people are lesser than others, measurably and scientifically, and that the lesser ought serve the greater. You and your Clades acknowledge this truth with your system of provings, you simply will not take the logical steps that follow from it.

We exist for a single goal, to elevate the whole of mankind by technocratic hierarchy. Someday we will return to our former glory, at which point our current admittedly brutal methods will no longer be necessary, and we can lead the Empires into a new era of human flourishing. Once they see we are to be followed rather than feared, the whole of mankind will ascend to new heights.

I hereby propose the partition of Stain between the Amarr Empire and Triglavian Collective, with hither Stain up to S-DLKC falling to the former while the latter shall receive further Stain.

This would serve both sides well. The cancer that is Sansha’s nation is extirpated, the Empire established a much-needed presence in the southern expansion region, while your people can sate themselves on Stain’s resourced.

Of course certain matters need to be settled first before such a pact can be considered.

I’m not sure what’s more ridiculous: the implication that Her Imperial Majesty cares to even the slightest degree what some Sansha puppet has to say on the IGS, or the suggestion that the Empire would countenance any form of meaningful cooperarion with the Collective while it illegally occupies our systems.


If the Trigs wanted any of those stars, they’d have been on the hit list during the invasion. Remember, the Kybers have even less influence on the Trigs’ agenda than an unconscious drunk in a bar on Gallente Prime has on the Empire’s.

I mean, if I wanted to reply to his comment, I would have hit the reply button, but ya know…

Cool, I guess. If you like sharing your mind with loads of other people. Personally, no one needs to know what I’m really thinking.