Lancers at the Jubilee

Today at 2000 faithful and loyal Amarr gathered in the Amarr system to celebrate Empress Catiz I’s Jubilee and hear a message from Cardinal Sourem Itharen.

However, shortly before the commencement of celebrations, a single Autothysian Lancer was noticed on the grid with the Emperor Family station. It was destroyed in short order.

At this point, two observations were made: 1) it was a single Lancer, which is rare, and 2) there is not a Jove Observatory in Amarr, so a Lancer should not be in Amarr under normal circumstances.

When more Lancers appeared in singletons, they were destroyed as well. It was at the appearance of a full squadron of four that ‘something was definitely up’ was declared. Cardinal Sourem Itharen also ordered the loyalist to purge the inhuman foes.

With the potential for actual Drifter forces to appear, we shipped out of our nice and shiny Paladins (which we all paid exorbitant prices to coat with the Jubilee SKIN in honor of Her Majesty) into Coercers, which are much more effective against mass Drifter fleets, and got ready to hold the line against the barbarian hordes. Tactical command of the fleet was also given to SERAPH.

In the end, only more Lancers appeared and were killed easily. No Drifter battleships appeared on grid. The cowards.

The fact that Lancers appeared in the first place is cause for concern and speculation. It is certain they were in Amarr because of the Jubilee event, but it is unknown why. One reason could be that Amarr was a location where they knew a handover of full Drifter elements would take place. Another possible reason is to gather intelligence as to what was said at the Jubilee event. In any case, capsuleers should be on the lookout for future atypical behavior from Drifters and Lancers.

To the Drifters:

I know you read this forum. I know you monitor our activities. I’ll see you soon.


Let them tremble before you, my Disi-aslan. They have already come to know the ancient meaning of why you are called Sekhmet. Continue to slaughter them wherever you may find them, “she who mauls”, and avenge the death of our beloved Jamyl.


We must never forget what Drifters can do, even in small numbers, in sovereign Amarr space.

We are thankful for your defense of her Holy Majesty the Empress, Ms. Alizabeth.

What happened before must not happen again.


What happened before, should not have happened in the first place.

Curious. Now that it has been stated, “…the Theology Council contained the judgment that cloned humans should be accepted as embodying souls in communion with the Imperial Rite,” will we see the return of Jamyl Sarum?


A group of 5 Autothysian Lancers were Observed circling the Theology Council Station before they warped to the Emperor Family Station.

Is this Significant ?

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