Liberation of Floseswin space footage

People have asked, and here it finally is; edited footage from the Liberation of Floseswin YC121, interspersed with some other warzone footage.

To those who have not followed the events: earlier this year the Amarr Empress divided space into Amarr Military circles, and included in them what she titled ‘The Rebel Provices’. Encouraged by this and abusing a political controversy on the warzone, the Lord of the House Sarum started an escalation of the Militia wars on the planets, landing major forces with the intent of ‘a full Reclaiming’ of Floseswin IV as a start for similar escalations through-out the warzone.

The situation was initially difficult to both major Minmatar loyalist forces, who each had (and have) commitments also elsewhere, both warzone and otherwise. However, after it became clear how desperate the situation was, joint forces of loyalist capsuleers already in the Militia and elsewhere prioritized the call from Republic Fleet to clear the local space for a counter-offensive.

A concerted, non-stop, 50+ hour push for system superiority by Ushra’Khan, Electus Matari and allies opened a way for Republic Fleet to local orbit and down the gravity well when the ihub fell to a small Electus Matari capital force with varied support in the early hours of Dec 15.

This means, of course, that the war in Flosewin is far from over. If anything, landing friendly forces beyond the capsuleer PMCs to face Sarum will prolong the conflict, unless the Amarrians see the writing on the wall and evacuate. It is very possible we are looking at years of prolonged conflict. But at least now, it will not be a conflict the locals are forced to fight alone.

For our people.


Not gonna lie, that soundtrack is fire.


The soundtrack certainly has a proper tribal feel to it.

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Well, there’s a name I haven’t seen for a while.

To me, the soundtrack feels like ethnic Khanid music, to be honest.

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More tiresome Tribal propaganda.

The Khanid music is quite stirring, however. Are you sure you are on the right side?

It’s a Vhero group, in fact.


It’s a Vherokior group that combines traditional Vherokior throat singing with modern rock.

But they are quite good so I wouldn’t blame you for enjoying their music.

The track used in the video is called Wolf Totem.
Wolves the mythological creature from Minmatar legends and totems which are often used in Minmatar rituals and other spiritual cases.


I’m sorry. I am late responding…it took that long to catch my breath after the laughing fit.

Enslavement isn’t enough… Now it’s cultural appropriation as well?
We are flattered!

That said… Elsebeth…thank you for the video! It was great to see!


Well darling. It’s only natural that everyone want to be as badass as the Vherokior.


True. My mentor at the shaman trials was an old Vherokior man. An impressive and wise man indeed!

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Floseswin Stable, Minmatar forces have complete control of the system. Some small pockets of Amarr forces are believed to be Planetside… this will give some training to local forces and R&R for UK members while we hunt them. No mercy should be shown.

This is result of a collective effort from Minmatar, Gallente, Caldari and Amarr Capsuleers who value freedom over oppression and slavery!

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I love your optimism and admire your trust in the Command forces.

Won’t even mention Fleet, here. I think everyone competent on orbit and beyond must’ve died in the Purge.

I’m always the optimist, Sarum forces have withdrawn,the Amarr have skulked out of the system. The fleet as always are irrelevant. By forces I did not mean Filmir and his layabouts.

I confess myself taken aback at the announcement of Sarum withdrawal, I would have hoped near as my position is to the southern continental capital. I might have noticed their departure.

Warrior Pol,

I do not believe the Sarum forces have gone anywhere. This war is still ongoing. I dont believe this war is over by a long shot. My friend it may just be getting started. I believe there will be much blood shed before this conflict is decided one way or another my friend.

Until we meet each other again in battle,
Paladin Saltz.


Sarum forces left the system and were replaced by the Republic Fleet in space. I was there when the Fleet came once the system was returned to the Minmatar by the “Heroes of Floseswin”. On the ground this is more of a grey area, there are definitely Amarr forces still fighting planetside as Yassavi pointed out this is mostly to the South.

If Sarum has left her ground forces behind unsupported she has my respect. But I don’t see a good end for Amarr troops planetside unless the system is recaptured quickly.

But we agree on one thing for sure, its going to get bloody!

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Paladin Warden Saltz;

Amarr claims to be ‘civilized’. Prove it. Get the hell out of our space.

Pilot Macsleibh;

Please stop being stupid, with all this talk of planetside interference in the work of actual infantry in the form of R&R. Stay in space, where you’re useful, instead of getting in the professionals’ way.

If Sarum has indeed withdrawn, I would hope that Amarr’s planetary forces will recognize that, however temporarily, they are now within Republic space. As a result, the orders of ‘planetary Reclaiming’ which sent them to Floseswin are no longer lawful orders, and I would hope they have the good sense to cease their efforts and withdraw to orbital infrastructure.

If they do not, I hope any Amarr of rank or station will not be killed by fools out to get their jollies.

They should be made public examples, and tried as war criminals, attempting slave raids on a Republic world. Hopefully, this will see pilots licenses revoked and medical clones voided before their executions.

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