Tensions high in Floseswin amongst rival militias

Gutter Press reporting from the ground in Floseswin.

With the Amarr blockade of the planet being lifted by the Republic Fleet and the Tribal Liberation Force capsuleer militias, supplies have begun to reach the civilian areas that remain unoccupied by the invaders, relieving much of the strain on the civilian medical services. A steady stream of medical volunteers has also arrived, allowing Floseswin medics some much-needed rest.

However, tensions have arisen between several of the Floseswin militia groups, with the arrival of capsuleer-led off-world troops at the centre of some of the disputes. Some militia groups are now preparing for hostilities not with the invading Amarr forces, but with other militias and capsuleer PMCs.

In addition to this, the local systems of law and order have been heavily disrupted in several areas, with many members of the justice circles being killed or wounded in action after joining local defence forces, as well as communications outages limiting the ability of the remaining law officers to stabilise the situation.

Gutter Press was able to speak to several militia members and other groups for their views.

“The offworlders say they’ll execute any traitors and collaborators. Well, when they get here, I know just where they can find some”, said one militia leader in a coastal town.
“That’s nonsense, and they know it. That guy’s Circle has been trying to get control of the shellfish grounds here for decades. If they think they’re going to get offworlders to do their dirty work, they’ve got another thought coming”, said a militia leader in a different coastal town.
“There’s a religious commune town in the next valley, set up by people coming here after the Amarr queen released them from slavery. They might have been relaying intel to the Amarr forces or something, and they haven’t been hit by any Amarr airstrikes either. Suspicious, aint it ?”, said a militia member from a small rural town.
“Go Away. We just want to live in peace. Leave us alone”, said an armed commune member.

Republic forces and authorities are steadily relieving the areas not occupied by Amarr forces, though large areas still remain unsecured, with a possibility of Amarr guerrilla or covert forces being present, making the areas unsafe to civilians.

“There have been slaver hounds spotted near here. Could be Amarr forces there, could be feral ones abandoned by retreating Amarr forces. We can’t allow a feral slaver hound population to become established, else it’ll take years to make the area safe for civilians”, said a Floseswin wildlife control officer.

The overall military situation remains unresolved, with Amarr forces remaining in control of much of Floseswin IV, particularly in the southern hemisphere.

Gutter Press. News.


You know a planet’s properly ■■■■■■ up when the most reliable news source from ground is Gutter Press.


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