Shadow falls on Floseswin

Gutter Press, reporting from the ground in Floseswin.

There is a new star in the skies of Floseswin IV, one whose appearance has been most unwelcome by the residents. An Avatar-class Amarr Titan, probably belonging to a capsuleer vassal of the Sarum Family.

The arrival of the Titan marks a further escalation of the conflict, with Amarr forces continuing to reinforce their units on the surface, and Republic forces providing fierce resistance, yet still giving ground.

Unconfirmed rumours suggest that Sarum-bred Kamieras have been engaged in close combat in the southern continental urban areas, exhibiting an unprecedented savagery.

Northern forces continue to resist, though with the sudden loss of the Ushra’Khan citadel above the planet, supplies from space have become harder to obtain in recent days.

Gutter Press spoke to several officers and soldiers, to hear their latest concerns.

“We’ve been getting messages from comm units with Republic IDs, but all that’s on the other end has been slaver hound noises”, said one communications officer. “I assume it’s some kind of psych thing, but it’s a bit amateur to be honest. Probably capsuleer vassals idea of psywar.”
“Some Amarr forces have been using their surface-to-air lasers to make holograms at night. Stuff like giant genitalia appearing above our positions. It’s pretty childish if you ask me”, said a grizzled veteran Republic soldier.
“We’ve not received any supplies from space in the past couple days, which is worrying”, opined a militia leader.

The destruction of the Ushra’Khan citadel, and several capital ships, have led to a lot of debris falling on the planet, giving concern and hope to the militia and residents.
“The Gallente had that Caldari titan crash on their planet, didn’t they ?”, asked one civilian.
“Reactor debris fell near here, cleanup is going to take years”, stated another civilian.
“A segment of a Naglfar crashed over there. We salvaged some shells and supplies from it. We don’t have guns to fire such bigass shells, but we can make some pretty good landmines with them”, said a militia combat engineer. “One of the shells had ‘Pol says hi’ etched on it.”

Despite heavy casualties, the ongoing combat has yet to significantly affect the morale and resolve of the Floseswin forces.
“My standing place is on this planet. If my resting place is also to be here, so be it.”, said one militiaman.
“We shall go on to the end. Whatever the cost may be, we shall defend our world. We shall never surrender”, said another militiaman.
“As long as a single free Tribesman stands, Floseswin has not fallen. Floseswin will never fall”, said a Republic infantry officer.
“Our orders are to hold Floseswin IV, and hold it we shall, until General Filmir arrives to relieve us.”, said a Republic infantryman.

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That avatar was from a Kador Family vassal, get some sources lady.

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It’s Gutter Press. Your hopes are misplaced.

I was just glad that this one didn’t suddenly pivot to strippers.

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It’s exotic dancing. Not stripping.

Here’s hoping…

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