Confusion and Chaos on the ground in Floseswin

This is Gutter Press reporting from the ground on Floseswin.

The situation on Floseswin IV has been chaotic since Amarr forces commenced their ground assault, part of Sarum Family Heir Arrach Sarum’s so-called “Reclaiming of Floseswin”. Heavy inspace fighting involving Amarr and Republic forces has been taking place, with the skies remaining contested. Ushra’Khan’s task force is said to have established superiority over some of the planet, enabling some space traffic to reach the ground, though Amarr forces appear to remain in control of the skies elsewhere.

Orbital debris from the numerous space battles within the gravity well has fallen in several places on Floseswin, causing widespread damage and destruction, including wildfires.

Gutter Press spoke with several Floseswin residents, for their views on the situation.

“We’re hard-pressed right now with the casualties”, said a doctor on a cigarette break. “Our hospitals are just not equipped for this kind of thing on this scale.”
“More than equipment, we need leadership”, said another doctor. “If the plan is to fight, we need prosthetics, and we can get most of these guys back into the fight. If not, we need more medevac capacity.”
“Lots of strangers passing through past couple days. Mercenary soldiers.”, said a bartender. “Not sure who’s hired them, but it’s someone with deep pockets. Probably a capsuleer.”
“I saw those Tetrimon attacking one of our carriers”, said a wounded fighter pilot. “Looked like they were doing suicide attacks. Then my plane got hit and I ended up here.”

The mercenary situation has added to the confusion on the ground in Floseswin. Several mercenary groups are reported to be present on the Amarr side, as well as numerous mercenary forces hired by Republic capsuleers. This has caused several incidents of friendly fire due to misidentification.

“They use different comms, different weapons, use different terminology, it all wastes time we don’t have”, said a Republic officer. “I can’t give them orders because they’re not in our chain of command. It’s a mess. I hope General Filmir can get it sorted out.”

Valklear General Kanth Filmir has been mentioned by several persons that Gutter Press spoke to, with many of them hoping he will arrive to take command of the defence of Floseswin. Though some disagree.

“Khumatar Berialsh is the guy we need”, said a Krusual militiaman, a remark that drew angry glances from their Sebiestor comrades.

Morale amongst the population remains high, with many citizens volunteering to form irregular militia units to defend population centres.

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