Hospitals struggling to cope in Floseswin

Gutter Press, reporting from the ground in Floseswin.

Fighting continues to rage on the ground in Floseswin, with Amarr and Republic forces now engaging in house-to-house fighting, as several civilian militias pull back from rural areas to the more easily defensible urban areas.

With firefights raging nearby, hospitals are increasingly under pressure, as both civilian and military casualties mount, with shortages of supplies and staff widespread.

Gutter Press spoke to staff at one hospital near the front line, to hear their concerns.

“We’re short on trauma surgery equipment and supplies. We’re repurposing gear from other specialities, but fundamentally we are not equipped for this volume of weaponry and shrapnel injuries”, said one surgeon.
“Not just physical trauma”, said another doctor. “We need psych support too, otherwise we’ll lose a lot of these people once this is over, to substance abuse or suicide.”
“Primarily, we need gear to treat combat injuries, and more painkillers for those souls we can only hope to make comfortable.”, said a third surgeon.
“We’ve had a lot of volunteers in from the dentists and cosmeticists”, said another surgeon. “They’re a big help, allowing us to concentrate on the harder surgeries”.

Military surgeons and mercenary combat medics are almost as hard pressed for supplies, due to the Amarr blockade of the planet preventing easy resupply from orbit.
“Our CO took a lot of shrapnel to the chest, and we’re short on some surgical implements”, said a medic from the Stormwinds PMC, looking for some of the more obscure empyrean-specific medical supplies.
“Eggers should stay in space, their logistics requirements are too fiddly for prolonged ground combat”, said a Republic medical officer.
“I’ve got a dozen guys who’ve lost their right foot to landmines, and I’ve only got prostheses for 3 right feet, and 30 lefts.”, said a Republic combat prostheticist.

Despite the shortages, morale amongst the militias and Republic forces remains high, with the news that Valklear General Kanth Filmir is alive and commanding efforts in Isbrabata, being met with jubilation from many.

“I thought he might have been lost when the Amarr attacked the carriers”, said one militiaman.
“Filmir’s alive ?”, asked another militiaman incredulously.
“I served with the General in the Fleet”, said another militiaman. “He’ll come for us, I know it.”

With Amarr forces firmly in control of space, the battle in Floseswin looks set to intensify over the next few days.

Gutter Press. News.


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