Floseswin war update : Mud

Gutter Press reporting from the ground on Floseswin.


With several weeks of near constant rain, much of the ground in the equatorial regions of Floseswin has turned into a vast boggy morass, causing great difficulties for the Republic forces as they continue the struggle to liberate the planet.

Ground travel in several regions is at a standstill, placing the burden of supplying the Republic forces on their fleet of VTOL capable aircraft.

“Picture an endless panorama of brown goop with tents stuck in it”, said one Republic officer. “That’s the state of most of our forward airfields”
“Our VTOLs can bring supplies up, but even they have to be wary of sinking into this muck.”, said a Republic logistics officer.
“However bad we have it right now, at least the Amarr have it worse, since they cant replace their VTOLs and heavy equipment as long as Fleet holds the skies”, said a senior Republic officer.

The mud even poses a significant difficulty for people on foot, with many soldiers losing boots and socks to the sticky embrace of the omnipresent mud.
“We advanced 20 km on foot to secure the next town. It took us the best part of a day and we lost 157 boots and 25 socks doing so.”, said an infantry battalion commander.

Floseswin locals said the rainy season usually continues for several weeks, and that so far, the rain was lighter than usual, and conditions are normally worse.

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BREAKING: Gutter Press pivots to literal muck raking.


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