Stories from Floseswin: The trees speak Amarrian

With the rainy season in Floseswin still underway, fighting is less intense than previously, and many Republic units from the front lines have been rotated out for rest and recovery. Gutter Press has been able to speak to several members of units who have returned from the front, to hear their stories about the conditions they face in the struggle to liberate Floseswin from the Sarum occupation.

“We’ve been mostly assigned to the archipelagos, doing sweep & clear missions on the islands. Most of them were uninhabited before the war, but some had Amarr bunkers and things built on them, which we have to clear out”, said a Republic marine officer. “We found this bunker complex that was excavated on one. Not sure what it was for, it had been evacuated, but we still had to clear it, remove any booby-traps, search for any stay-behind saboteurs and so on. Other islands, we’ve found to be riddled with booby traps. Mines, battle drones, sentry guns, that kind of thing. Very little Imperial presence though, only a tiny garrison on a handful of islands, most were deserted.”

While some units faced light opposition by Amarr forces, other units were having a much harder time, particularly those units fighting in the heavy vegetation of Floseswin’s equatorial rainforests.

“We were in the jungle, and the freaking trees whisper Amarrian at us, then chaos breaks out”, said a Republic soldier. “Incoming fire from all around, a bunch of our buddies cut down just like that.”
“Boss says it must be Kamieras or something. They’re like freaking ghosts, man”, said another Republic soldier. “Nothing shows up on our thermal scanners, we don’t find any bodies other than our own after a firefight.”
“Psych stuff too. We heard this bush say something in Amarrian, right freaking next to us. Was just a soundbox hidden in it, remote activated. Spooked us right and proper it did”, said a third soldier.
“The Amarr could be hiding a whole division of those Kameira freaks in the jungle, and we won’t find them before they find us”, said another soldier.
“Worst thing is, that a bunch of the jungle mimic birds now speak Amarrian too”, said a Republic officer. “Whoever trained these Kameiras really knows their stuff. Freaking birds say something in Amarrian, and our boys are so jumpy, they’ll give away their position by shooting”

Most Republic officers willing to speak to Gutter Press were of the opinion that the Floseswin War is going to continue for several months, if not years.

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My condolences to all the families who have lost their sons and daughters in this conflict… :frowning:

Until it is liberated from its occupiers. Amarr victor.

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Oh shut the hell up, slaver.


We continue to firmly hold the Eugidi constellation, Sarum forces now struggle to keep their armies supplied and reinforced. Keep fighting with all you have in you, Republic warriors. Your skies are clear above. No mercy for the slaver dogs, kill 'em all!

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