Floseswin Ceasefire; Proper Terms

We’re all well aware of the previous call for a ceasefire on Floseswin having been disastrously handled. I think it goes without saying that merely asking for a ceasefire while providing no terms or concessions was doomed to failure to begin with and I think that the leaders in this conflict know that. Honeyed words with zero substance are nothing but.

Taking a step away from Floseswin after the Republic militia forces re-secured control of the space has given me pause for consideration - stereotypical of an Intaki, perhaps, but it nevertheless occurred. Brokering peace between the Empire (especially in contemporary) and the Republic (especially in contemporary) is, of course, fated for ill. On the other hand, we as capsuleers can target discussions to reduce the conflict. Probably moreso and better than the Inner Circle who I imagine the approval ratings have waned considerably in recent years.

Ultimately a ceasefire must have compromises. That much is a given. Realistic and tenable compromises are another subject altogether, but not outside the realm of possibility. It merely needs a public backing that wants a closure of the conflict more than they want to hand nothing to their enemy. I think we’re at that point. On both sides.

The Floseswin crisis ultimately started after the warzone treaty and it is without a doubt augmented by recent events in Kahah with the economic sanctions that followed. I’m under no illusion that this is not the case. This is a subject that, like a tight rope, isn’t easy to balance out. The Kahah massacres polarized individuals and the economic sanctions that followed antagonized the Empire into action: the Floseswin PoWs are no doubt being put to work in areas harmed by those very sanctions. That in mind, it is possible that the Federation and the Republic’s respective response toward said sanctions was… harsh. It is of my personal opinion that sanctions should have and yet still can be levied against the appropriate entities while not also affecting civilian industrial sectors. This is difficult, given how integrated all facets of the Empire are, but nonetheless important to be reconsidered with some level of discretion.

If I had to make a suggestion, an important area of consideration would be with the Ammatar Mandate, who, whilst a part of the greater Empire, are arguably less heavy handed in their application of “justice” than their Khanid counterparts. Given the discussions held between Governor Salaf and Commandant Filmir, I don’t think it is impossible to relaxing sanctions (if any) on the Mandate. In turn, the Ammatar and their proximity to the Ardishapur-assigned Heimatar region become an important throughput of trade between the Republic and the Empire with the Ammatar acting as an important middleground. As previous intelligence trading between the Republic and the Mandate in respect to piracy has already been established as of the last six months, it seems only right to continue that trend. The Republic and the Mandate should work together to quell acts of piracy on behalf of the Yulai conventions and there is certainly no lack of Blooders or Seykal extremists to exercise exactly that. This seems like a logical choice: There is no losing party in that agreement. Save maybe Chakaid and the Kingdom who I’m sure will bitch as long as the Nefantar still draw breath.

Make no mistake: I am not calling for a cease of all economic sanctions against the Empire. I am calling for controlled, focused, and targeted sanctions that affect those entities that refused to act in the wake of the Kahah massacres, who should rightly be held accountable and shamed ad perpetuum until they ■■■■■■■ get the point.

Through relaxed economic sanctions with the Ammatar, the Empire is less egregiously affected; their cassus belli for the Floseswin Reclaiming is certifiably lessened. By now the effects of the changes to the warzone are already taking effect and the purpose of the warzone treaty has been fulfilled: Mutineers and traitors in the eyes of Sarum are ultimately the responsibility of the Ministry of Internal Order at this point and there is not much reason yet to continue to pursue a full reclaiming on Floseswin in light of reduced economic sanctions. With this in mind: Sarum should leave and the Republic should allow them their leave.

We’re all tired. We’re all done with this conflict. A ceasefire was already called but without a foundation it was immediately disregarded because the desire for blood is greater than a vapid truce. This in mind, the PoWs and clearly enslaved citizens of the Republic should be returned. Whether already loaded to bear with Vitoc or dead, they, as unwilling participants in this game, should be returned to their families within the Republic. I say this with the utmost certainty: This is the only way that Sarum and the Amarr leave Floseswin without a fight. If the warlords can agree to that, this conflict can be resolved, and we can move on to the next god forsaken problem.

In short, (draft) terms of a realistic ceasefire include::

  • The Republic should reduce economic sanctions to targeted, focused sanctions against those entities responsible for the Kahah massacres and the negligence therein, making note to remove unaffiliated entities such as the Ammatar Mandate who would act as a throughway of Republic and Imperial trade.
  • Both the Republic and the Mandate should push for greater cooperation against piratical agents such as the Blood Raiders, who affect both the Republic and the Empire equally.
  • The PoWs Sarum has already taken as part of the Floseswin Reclaiming returned to the Republic; no matter their state.
  • The Sarum military circuit should leave Floseswin IV, and the Republic grant them that leave without conflict.

I look forward to the coming discourse and obligatory derision from warmongers. Say what you must.


The sanctions were a result of the Kahah pacification, it should follow they should only apply to those responsible for it. It was not the Empire as a whole, but Kingdom Holders that ordered that pacification.

As for the rest, negotiation is always the art of getting less than what was desired, and the sooner the Republic realizes this and stops adhering to the rhetoric of provocateurs and demagogues, the sooner it may find less resort to violence by those they target.


Who is responsible for it is the Empire as a whole, to be honest. By taking the Kingdom back into the fold it was their responsibility to reign in House Khanid. They did not. Thus, they are culpable for wanton genocide that occurred. It is a concession in and of itself to exempt even civilian industries.

In regard to ‘provocateurs and demagogues’… The Republic is not a nation of classes. The Republic is a nation of people and their will. Calling for the Republic to cease listening to their people is akin to calling for them to stop being Minmatar, as much as asking the Imperials to stop listening to their lieges is akin to asking them to stop being the Empire. You will never get that. One could, however, get restraint… if it is exercised in kind. This is not an impossible task for either faction.

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The Empire is a feudal state. By not limiting sanctions to the Khanid Kingdom for the pacification Kahah, both the Republic and Federation committed a hostile act against not just the actors responsible but those uninvolved. Such thinking involved those Houses who otherwise might not have been involved in actions such as currently occurring in Floseswin by the Royal House of Sarum.

No. It is not.

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The Throne is just as much culpable as the Kingdom is if the Kingdom is considered a part of the Empire. Thus, the sanctions applied everywhere. This is the double-edged sword of a centralized culture and society. I don’t think anyone on the IGS is under any illusion that this is not the case. The sanctions can be limited in some areas, but it is difficult without them essentially being utilized by the rest of the Empire. Hence the Ammatar Mandate, who I assume the Kingdom would sooner relinquish their armada than be caught dealing with given their rhetoric.

The Ammatar Mandate has no remit over the rebel territory of Floseswin. House Sarum does.

What concessions would you offer House Sarum in a negotiated ceasefire in Floseswin?

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Sarum started the reclaiming over the aforementioned reasons in the original post. If laxxed economic sanctions and the ability to conduct a ceasefire that they themselves initiated is not enough, then there’s nothing more than can be offered and the unconditional ceasefire itself was pointless.

With these terms, House Sarum is already getting more than they originally requested. Asking what further concessions should be offered is absurd.

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Ceasefire is not a negotiated peace, though it can often be a precursor to it. What was offered was a cessation of hostilities while the Inner Circle debated.

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I am a little pessimistic that this would work. Khanid is not likely to stop being Khanid because Minmatar put sanctions on him; Khanid is likelier to stop being Khanid if pressure can be put on the rest of the Empire to stop them.


Given how much of your stance is predicated upon those events, I’d be curious if you could tell me how many people were killed on Kahah?

I believe it is a tad too late to negotiate terms anywhere but within the Inner Circle. My lord has declared total war on our enemies upon Floseswin IV and we will neither relent nor surrender until one or both sides are destroyed. No quarter will be given to us, so none shall be given to you.

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Any compromise made by the Republic is an act of submission to the invaders. They have come to our home with this invasion, I cannot expect our people, warriors especially, to commit to these terms without a full extraction of 24th and Sarum forces from Floseswin. As much as this comes from a place of good intention, it is too late for diplomacy in Floseswin.

The best we can do is fight tooth and nail until they either flee, or meet their demise. Considering they’d sooner glass the planet than retreat without consequence, I only see one option for our people left.

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I’m just going to point out that you, in this very post, make plain that capsuleers getting together to conduct diplomacy amongst themselves and establish policy positions of ‘this is what should be done’ without the prior approval of the empires they fight for is exactly what fomented this invasion.

Maybe ‘hey, you know that thing that started this? Let’s do it again!’ isn’t the best way to resolve it?

Well, that went about as well as expected. Had to give it a shot though.

To that end, I wish you all luck and whatever joy you can find in your conflict. May it be as bloody and expensive as you wish with all of the pointlessness that entails.

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Blessed are the martyrs.

There are no martyrs in this conflict. Only bitter old war vets who’ve not yet gained enough medals or marks veiling their blood-thirst in venomous dribble about who was the more responsible to continue this grueling charade and dance of daggers. Both eager to speak as representative for the commoner but neither willing to live it if it means having to set down arms. A man is known by action and as of yet none are acting; so drunk on vengeance they’ve forgotten they are free to decide the path.


Wars of attrition always require a degree of tenacity to see through.

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All of this said, I do dearly pray a solution is found before the situation deteriorates again. It will take immeasurable loss of life to attain a victory for either side, and this should be taken into account at the negotiation table. As glorious a fate martyrdom is to some, I rather hope we needn’t make more here. I’d also hope that the Minmatar value the lives of their soldiers and citizens over their pride.

In the end, the terms are decided by who can afford to lose more in this. Who can afford more troops, territory, resources and terms? The answer to this question is almost invariably the Empire, at least on paper. The only question is if the resolve to see it through exists.

And I assure you, it does.

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You also need to take into account the rate of loss. Can the Empire afford to lose more resources? Sure. Can it afford to lose more resources at a ratio of 100:1? That’s less certain.

As is, of course, exactly what the ratio of attrition on the planet is. But that lack of certainty simply means 1:1 cannot be assumed any more readily than 1000:1.

Absent sustained bombardment of your own populated towns and cities, what would your plan be to suffer only equal loss when assaulting well provisioned and heavily fortified positions, manned by professional and motivated soldiers. I know of no such example in Amarr history, perhaps there are precedents in your own that leave you more optimistic.

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