Notification of Movement of Forces to House Sarum and the Crusade Lord

To Lord @Olacar_xer_Sarum, the House Sarum Court Militant, Crusade Lord Nalmid Lebon, and Lord @Aldrith_Shutaq,

I pray that this letter find you in good health and God’s Grace.

It comes time again for me to take an extended absence from the warzone, and indeed to seek reclusion to study the deeper Mysteries of our right and just faith. I know this comes at a time when every Capsuleer and loyal combatant is of utmost importance to the Crusade and to the will of the Most Holy Empress, but when God calls, even an Empyrean must grow humble, listen, and make himself subject to the perceived desire of that Will.

I do not wish, however, to force the stand down of my personal forces, currently stationed in the Klogori system, who are eager in their service and fervent in their faith. They have been, over the past 5 months, conducting operations that have been as diverse as possible, by order of necessity. They have been and continue to quell and silence the belligerent machinations of Matari who believe themselves justified in committing violence both regular and irregular against their natural Educators. My forces have also turned their hands to the rebuilding of vital infrastructure critical to a healthy rulership by Amarrian appointed Governors, as well as the basic infrastructure necessary for clean and healthy urban living, to include schools and churches to service the proper educational and spiritual growth of the Matari people. Finally, the clergymen and women have brought the Holy Word of the Sacred Scriptures to the Matari of Klogori, attempting to wash away the sinful notions the ‘Republic’ has instilled in the minds of the Matari; there has been more success in that field than you might otherwise think, praise be to God.

The makeup of these forces, though small, has been effective to date. Every member is a freeborn Amarrian citizen, though we have members of every bloodline that define The Empire. 10,00 is the number of combatants, from greenhorn to Exemplar General. A further 2,700 made up of Clergy, Logistical Corps, Educators, and Engineers bring this total to 12,700. I have paid them fair wage, and they have provided service most distinguished, as is expected considering their constituency. Many of the Officers and Enlisted are members of the same Order as I am, and they are animated by a spirit of devotion which I believe would make our Matron Saint proud. Their equipment is by no means meager or lacking. Every facet of combined arms is maintained in their inventory, and whose use has been drilled to mastery in a number of the constituent units, to include mechanized war suits and a capable air wing.

My absence means that I will not be able to effectively administrate, oversee, design, or coordinate their actions and operations. Therefore, I commend every soul to the command of Lord Aldrith Shutaq Newelle, so that my forces will be effectively employed throughout my absence to serve the will of God, the Empress, and House Sarum. They have been briefed on their change of command and stand ready to serve alongside your forces in Floseswin, Lord Shutaq. I have forwarded you enough ISK to cover wages and bonuses for 8 months. As you already know, they will be arriving in your system within the day, and will be ready for deployment only hours after arrival.

If you are in His Grace may He keep you there, if you are outside of His Grace may he return you there.

Tavas In’Doril
Marshal Commander of the 24th Imperial Crusade
Knight Exemplar of The Order of Saint Jamyl of Alkabsi IV

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