Communiqué to xer Sarum

My Lord Qatib @Olacar_xer_Sarum

I ask your forbearance with any breach of etiquette invoked by my contacting you directly; while my fealty remains to the Kador Family, in matters pertaining the forces and facilities I have present in his circuit, I remain at His Grace Lord Sarum’s disposal.

Thus am I duty bound to pass the grave concerns I received from those forces, Imperial control over the Floseswin solar system been firmly established for some time, and over the days subsequent to its capture the crusade was able to ensure that no safe berth remained for Republic fleets within two stargate jumps.

Given such time to establish local superiority and depth within which to conduct a defence, that yesterday it proved impossible to prevent the decisive use of planetary assault dreadnoughts deep within Imperial controlled territory is a scathing condemnation of the readiness of naval forces not only attached to the Floseswin reclamation, but of the wider readiness of Imperial forces to react to Republic threats in and around the Bleak Lands.

It is my hope that my interposition in this matter is unnecessary, and that His Grace has already been made aware of the severity of the naval blunders which culminated in the destruction of Port Kul’s orbital defences; if that is not so, I would humbly ask that you bring them to his attention– whatever the implications of our ill-fortune on Floseswin IV, and with my only daughter’s precise whereabouts currently unknown I am not blind to those implications. The questions it raises are of far greater import.

Lord Anosh Yassavi


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