A Petition to the Sacred Throne

Today, several Amarr Loyalist Corps (OOJ, CVA, PIE, SFRIM) submitted the following petition to Her Majesty, Empress Catiz I through her emissary, Cardinal Sourem Itharen:

A Petition to the Sacred Throne

To Her Most Sublime and Imperial Majesty Catiz I, First Apostle of the True Faith and Sovereign Defender of the Imperial Rite:

Whereas currently on the SCC Markets there exists sell orders from the Civic Court, the Ammatar Consulate Bureau, and Khanid Transport for slaves;

Whereas these sell orders are available to any capsuleer with the ISK to purchase them;

Whereas the SCC markets were created with the intention that supply and demand market forces would work to transport slaves to where they were needed: capsuleers would buy at a low price, transport them, and then sell at a higher price;

Whereas while this presumably worked reasonably well in the past, capsuleer wealth has grown to the point that the margin from this sort of arbitrage is no longer worth the time of a capsuleer;

Whereas capsuleers, such as “Nauplius the Butcher” are using their vast wealth to abuse the system and the slaves that are entrusted to the care of Holy Amarr, indeed, sacrificing Amarr slaves in heretical Sani Sabik rituals;

Whereas Minmatar capsuleers are using their vast wealth to purchase slaves and smuggle them to the Republic;

Whereas only Holders are the recognized legal owners of slaves by Scriptural Law;

It is SUBMITTED to Her Majesty that she enact a decree prohibiting the sale of Amarr slaves on the SCC markets by any official agency, agent, or Holder of Holy Amarr;

We, the undersigned, submit this request to Her Majesty.

In faith and submission,

Cardinal Alizebeth Amalath, Holy Mother of the Order of Jamyl
Lady Admiral Mitara Newelle of PIE
Captain Aldrith Newelle of PIE
Lieutenant Samira Kernher of PIE
Bel Boma
Arkon Sarain
Utari Onzo
Charles Surge
Lunarisse Aspenstar
Tirva Vistu
Lady Karmilla Strife
Captain Maria Daphiti of PIE
Lady Shalee Lianne
Slobodan Hawkwood
Katerina Tzestu
Lord Reginald Sakakibara
Lord Vulxanis Viceroy
Lord Esna Pitoojee
Benedicta Secheh, Mother Superior of the Little Sisters of the Most Holy Sword
Cakzad Arcashiri
Yonis Vudori
Cardinal Kahar Dex of CVA
Genzel Recidivus
Shaddam Daphiti
Jin’taan, Councilmember of the Council of Stellar Management from CVA
Varcutii Renalard
Lord Max Singularity
Jade Rkard, executor of House Rkard.

The names were collected from a previous petition of the same kind: https://forums-archive.eveonline.com/topic/410932/ that was covered by The Scope at the time. Only Amarr loyalists were added to the petition, as those not of Amarr have no standing to petition Her Majesty. Those not Imperial subjects should instead use the appropriate diplomatic channels through their governements, but may express their approval here. Those who are Imperial subjects and wish to add their name to this petition should feel free to do so.


Let us pray the Throne blesses us and honors our request.


Well ain’t that adorable. I mean, sure let this go through by all means… it might actually reduce the amount of violent atrocities against slaves by a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percent.

Taking an eyedropper to an ocean might be good PR, but it’s not going to drain the thing. I suppose taking a stance of actual moral and ethical steadfastness would be… inconvenient though, wouldn’t it?

Grow a damned spine and take a real stand with your Empire or against the abhorrent practices it preaches, will ya? Your Empress Kittens is well known for her and her house’s stance of slavery - TCMCs, Vitoxin, slave trade etc - so maybe it’s time to leave these completely pointless half-measures behind and pick a firm stance on the matter.


While I look forward to the day that Vitoxin and TCMCs are no longer used, I remember the old prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.

The Theology Council has already ruled on the issue of TCMCs. Any attempt to change that ruling would be unwise.

Here’s my firm stance on the matter: Scripture MUST be obeyed.


Good girl. Heel. Obey.

Who knows, you might get a treat.


Is it chocolate? I hope it’s chocolate.

Obedience is the key part of faith. Those who believe, but do not obey the Scriptures are not saved!

As Holy Mother of The Order of Jamyl, I obey the Theology Council. As a member of House Amalath, I obey Lady Kador. Through both of them, I obey the Empress. Through her, I obey God.


A worthy cause, though the Pretender cares not. The Tash-Murkon family is known to place profit over piety.

If it is possible, I’d like to add my name to this petition. Thank you!


I, Nauplius, Prophet of the Red God, do hereby oppose this petition.

It is the Will of the Red God that slaves be available on SCC markets, including those in Empire territory. The ready availability of slaves, like the invention of Vitoc and TCMCs, is a harbinger of the coming Blood Age, an age when the slave people will once again be made docile and easy to sacrifice, as they were in the last Blood Age, before the original sin of Pity caused the Red God to sunder the world in anger and make the rivers of Blood dry as punishment.

Instead of following the wayward, liberal path of these so-called Amarr Loyalists, I, Nauplius, Prophet of the Red God to hereby call upon the Empress to join the Blood Raider Covenant in a new Reunified Amarr-Blood Raider Empire-Covenant, a reunion of all the Chosen People of God in one glorious imperium under while all the cluster shall be crushed.

Even so, may the Blood Age come quickly. Amen. Amarr Victor.

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That you oppose this publicly warms my heart.


There are worse ways to plot one’s life choices than to consider “What wouldn’t Nauplius do?”


Tempting as it would be to agree with our Holy Mother and the Cardinal of the Order to which we belong, the solicitor in us sees many problems with the proposition.

The issue with stating the problem in such a manner is the following.

  1. An official agency or agent of Holy Amarr.

Are officials who form our very theocracy fundamentally violating the Word of God, our Scriptures? Does it imply a systemic weakness of Faith inside our government? The implication is dangerous, in our opinion… too dangerous as a discussion topic without statistics and facts.

  • What is the rough volume of sell orders which meet the criteria in the Petition?
  • How many agencies have been found to be in violation – all of them, some of them?
  • How extensive is the problem in agencies with the highest rate of violations?

  1. Holder of Holy Amarr

The Scripture we refer to says the following:

As Emperor rules Holder; as Holder rules Serf

The position of House Rkard, and by extension our own position, is that Holder’s dominion over the Serf is really and truly absolute. According to Scripture, such dominion is answerable only to her Holy Majesty Empress Catiz, and by extension Theology Council.

In reality, the Imperial Ministries and to a lesser extent Imperial Offices (as per a small number of precedents) also may unilaterally impose limits on the rule of Holder over Serf.

Nonetheless, we would remiss if we were to start signing petitions, left and right, which expand and bolster canon-law limits for Holders.

In our opinion, the Petition does not appear to consider the issue of enforcement of smuggling and we do not anticipate that any measurable improvement of the situation would be achieved.


Sister Goldfinch, I do hope you understand we are not requesting these agencies and Holders be barred from selling slaves flat out, just simply on the SCC market.



It won’t happen, but cute.

There’s too much profit for the Empire to restrict the slave trade. Maybe in the future, this will be viable, but not now.

It’s also cute that so many people who are either slavers or make ISK off the Imperial slave trade signed this.

Also, “Lord” Max Singularity? I think you demoted him.


Remove my name from this document forthwith.
I was neither contacted nor consenting to this petition.

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Your name can be removed, of course, but it is a retraction of a signature you did previously give.


A signature given years ago and reused without being informed.

I don’t really care about what semantics you want to bring up in some attempt to make me feel ashamed or guilty.

Strike the name.

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The name has been stuck. We are sorry to see you have changed your mind.

Goldie, my child, I have not forgotten about you, and will get a measured response as soon as I can.

On the matter of Lord Max Singularity’s recent emancipation announcement as reported in the news:

This petition is not that. Slavery is enshrined in Scripture, to call for blanket abolition is heresy. Yes, we all hope the day comes when all are faithful and there is no more need for it, but that day is not today.

This petition asks for one thing only: that sell orders from the Civic Court, Ammatar consulate, and Khanid Transport be pulled.

Lord Singularity was involved in this because we thought that the whole cluster, even him, could see the terrible consequences of selling millions of slaves to the likes of Nauplius. However, this petition does not ask for the emancipation of even a single slave.


Great petition. Makes sense for pretty much everyone except Nauplius, so I support it.