A Petition to the Sacred Throne

(Aldrith Shutaq) #22

Looks like the typical foreign Galnet news sources are completely misconstruing this petition. Let’s hope the Scope can do better. The ACN has been doing a fine job of reporting the finer points with no issue.

(Goldfinch) #23

Holder Newelle, Champion of House Sarum and Divine Commodore, do forgive our stern manner in constructing our original response. We hope you understand we personally hold no status as Holder and provide our humble opinion only.

We thank you for the clarification, but must respectfully continue to maintain the position that Holders should remain empowered to uphold their own compliance to Law, as it presently is with all matters that involve slaves. New regulation will be costly, a cost which this House at least is unwilling to shoulder.

What is the heretic, the false priest, doing on this petition? Holy Mother, have you forgotten his Heresy? How can we ignore the way in which the Heretic is insisting his open rebellion against God’s Throne was responsible in part for the death of Empress Jamyl?

Being granted three special tissue papers to wear on his CONCORD portrait grants this Heretic no position and no status in Amarr.

Burn him and all that is his, and strike him from this petition. We will sign it, if you feel that we must show solidarity as the Order, but we cannot shame our House by placing our signature next to the Heretic’s.

As such, Lord Kailethre, a trusted confidant of ours, appears to have made the right decision.

The false priest is an anarchist. He is no “Lord”. We request he not be honored as such.

(Ilan Ardishapur) #24

You expect those who pay lip service to God to care about heresy? Those who forgive the blasphemy of this ‘Lord’ Singularity fit well with those who feel loyalty to a empty throne.

Should the Udorian mutt-child approve of this petition with a name like his scrawled upon it just proves her faith, or lack of it.

(Vaari) #25

Since when that blasted heretic, Max Singularity, who rose open rebellion against our late Empress has been amarrian loyalist?

(Goldfinch) #26

We find ourself discouraged by divisive discussion amongst Amarr on this topic.

We henceforth withdraw all previous criticism of this petition, and any harsh words we have used to describe the person Max Singularity.

A discussion of God and the Word of God cannot be framed in such acrimonious tones. We see no joy in such a discussion… and God is for us the essence of joy.

(Ilan Ardishapur) #27

Coward, you fear the opinion of peers more than the judgement of God.

(Samira Kernher) #28

Singularity is a distant blood relation to Her Imperial Majesty, and, in spite of his rhetoric and the sanctions we all might have expected to be imposed, he remains a titled lord on Amarr. Get used to capsuleers being allowed to get away free with anything and everything they do. We’ve all had to come to terms with that. We who managed this petition decided it was better to stay away from the squabbles and focus on the issue. Only by demonstrating a unified front to Her Imperial Majesty would it be likely that such a measure might have the faintest chance of being enacted.

We can get back to hating each other after.

(Alizebeth Amalath) #29

I feel that I should mention that Ms. Kernher was invaluable in organizing this petition. Her work the first time around was exemplary, and the second time was no exception. I am indebted to her.

(Vaari) #30

I will not come with terms the fact that heretic roams free. I dont believe he has any kind of relations with someone so virtuous and good as our Imperial Majesty.

If that has been case some distant past, all connections were surely severed when he hoisted his pirate flag to open rebellion. Disowned pig is no relative of anyone.

(Alizebeth Amalath) #31

I want to agree with you, but such an agreement would be one of emotion and grief.

Empress Jamyl did not disown Lord Singularity.
Lord Kador did not disown him; though watching Lord Singularity’s team get humiliated in the trials was amusing, enough to warrant his inclusion.
Empress Catiz has not disowned Lord Singularity.
Lady Kador has not disowned Lord Singularity.

So, what then?

I do not like Lord Singularity. I would not deign to break bread with him. However, on this matter I would accept his support. Nauplius has killed millions of slaves alone. He is certainly not the only one to commit such atrocities. Is my hatred of his words and actions worth the sacrifice of millions of innocent and helpless slaves? I say not. In this, I have humbled myself before God and the Throne to accept the task before me, reaching my hand out to all Amarr, my personal feelings disregarded.

As a Jamylite, I will never be able to accept Lord Singularity’s words, deeds, and thoughts about Her Late Majesty, Empress Jamyl I.

As an Amarr, I recognize him as a wayward faithful, but still part of the flock, no matter how far he’s strayed.

Lord Singularity’s signature remains on this document and will stay unless he revokes it. Anyone willing to allow for the sacrifice of millions of slaves so that their pride will be satiated with their name unsullied by not having to appear on a list with Lord Singularity should take a good long look at their own soul.

(Vaari) #32

You know far better than except Imperal Majesty to disown some person who might be very distant relative. His own family has disown him and thats end of his story. Surely they have done that for I, Lord Vaari cannot imagine any different reaction to his treasonous actions.

He lost his lordly title moment he rose against the Imperial Throne. We have seen Lords lose their positions for far less severe actions. During reign of Sarum I some imperial lords refused to let some of their slaves free. It pas passive resistance and yet punishment was severe.

This pig actively rose to oppose our late monarch and tried to usurp her title. I spit on any document that hold his tainted name on equal position with honorable names.

What come to tournament, I really cannot comprehend the “wisdom” behind champions. Vast majority of them were pirates and even enemies of the Empire.

(Alizebeth Amalath) #33

Then I think we’re done here. Go post in another thread.

(Arrendis) #34

Just a terribly minor point, but as the SCC markets are, in fact, run and administered by the SCC, new regulation would not, in fact, be costly. It would be a simple matter of the SCC flipping a switch and saying ‘goods of this type will no longer be listed in our market databases’.

It’s not like this is a position the Republic and Federation haven’t each already brought to CONCORD’s ruling council. It’s mostly just a semantic matter of getting the Empress to stop the Empire’s representative from blocking the measure.

(Alizebeth Amalath) #35

It’s actually easier than that. The Empress just needs to tell the Civic Court, Khanid Transport, and the Ammatar Consulate to stop selling slaves on the SCC markets. Done.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why the Ammatar Consulate has millions of slaves to sell.

(Arrendis) #36

Capsuleers are putting them up for sale. Same as they are in Hek. Do you think the Brutor Tribe supports the slave trade? It’s an SCC issue.

(Alizebeth Amalath) #37

Here’s were it gets tricky. Independent capsuleers can acquire slaves from various sources: Angels, Blooders, Sansha, just to name a few outside of Amarr. They can be listed on the SCC markets anywhere.

Do I wish that the SCC would stop listing slaves? Of course. However, this petition is internal to the Amarr Empire, not the SCC. It is a petition to the Throne, not CONCORD.

(Goldfinch) #38

Your statement would be correct, if this is what the petition was designed to enact.

But it is not what this petition is about. The language targets Amarr families, Amarr Holders. And it targets them only. It is not a blanket ban on the sale of slaves on SCC markets.

A Holder selling slaves to a Capsuleer is not against Scripture, and not against the law. The sale of slaves is a key part of the economics of slavery.

We would wholeheartedly support a blanket ban which does not specifically target our House.

This is how he is introduced in an article on Galnet:

You present a false dichotomy. Nauplius has already mentioned he will travel to null security space, Minmatar space, or any other space to fill his numbers.

Faith in God is not to be compromised, not even for humanitarian reasons. Lie down with lions all you’d like, but we don’t have to tell you that even now the Heretic is twisting your petition to his abolitionist agenda.

Some ally.

(Alizebeth Amalath) #39

If Nauplius goes to the Cartel to buy slaves, I cannot stop him.

However, the Amarr Empire doesn’t have an obligation to those people. Yes, that’s a cold fact, but it’s true. We have an obligation to our slaves, and not carrying out that obligation under the excuse of Nauplius being able to find another way is unacceptable.

We have a legal, moral, and divine obligation to care for our slaves. Period. Selling them to capsuleers violates that obligation in every way.

Also, I am willing to believe a great many things about Lord Singularity, however we all know who killed Empress Jamyl. I saw it with my own eyes.

(Arrendis) #40

Right, but the Amarr Empire has no jurisdiction over what goods are listed on SCC markets. Only CONCORD does.

The Amarr Empire is the only one of the CONCORD signatories to permit slavery. CONCORD doesn’t care what the Angels, Blooders, Sansha etc want. I’m sure the Republic and Federation would love to approve exactly that sort of thing. The only thing that’s prevented it so far is the Empire, who do after all have the same veto power the others have.

In this instance, changing the Throne’s vote would be tantamount to changing CONCORD’s decision.

(Goldfinch) #41

This is incorrect, and is not supported by Scripture.

Our obligation is to the Reclaiming, not to care. If the whip or the rod accomplishes this end, then it must be used. Are we in disagreement here?