Militia corruption: Breaking the Deafening Silence on Dirty Deals

Oppression? That’s a really strange way to read ‘they want to keep you guys handy for when they need you’.

And… no, inhibiting that process doesn’t really achieve anything. To them, it’s just more masturbation, more ‘eh, whatever, they’ll amuse themselves’.

According to you. My reasons for fighting this war are my own. Just like your reasons for fighting for Goonswarm are yours.

This discussion has become beyond tiresome. I could just as easily reduce the meaning of all the vaunted independence of the nullsec blocs to paying sov bills to CONCORD. You think you’re so free? Stop paying for your iHubs.

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Once again, you’re arguing against a thing I haven’t said. I never claimed our sovereignty wasn’t at CONCORD’s sufferance, or that we aren’t paying them rent for it. In fact, I’ve said just the opposite when I was publicly questioning why the hell we kept paying full price on those sov bills despite them reducing the services we were getting for those payments, during the Blackout.

And, again, you’re fighting for your own reasons. The objectives you set are meaningful to you. But they’re not meaningful to the people controlling the warzone, the ones who can actually make the changes you want… and the changes you want are directly counter to their objectives—the real objectives the CEWPA wars serve.

But, you know, I am sorry that being so completely wrong and unable to refute a single thing actually being said is getting tiresome. Try being right for a change, or not throwing up straw men all over your posts. It might spice things up a little for you.

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And I have said over and over again in this thread that I don’t care about what their objectives are. That has literally been my entire point all along, that I am judging the contribution of mission runners according to my own standard, and I don’t care whether the “people controlling the warzone” agree with me or not.

You know exactly as much about the goals and motivations of the leaders of these conflicts as the rest of us, which is to say next to nothing.

Perhaps, likely even, you are correct and this is as meaningless as any other day in the warzone. If so, nothing was lost.

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In point of fact, the former would be sedition and treason against the order of Holy Amarr, and the latter rebellion and mutiny in the face of the lawful rule and commands of His Grace the Lord Sarum, Sword Marshal of the Imperial Military Circuit of House Sarum.

House Sarum will be investigating this matter further and shall consider all options with a view to measuring and implementing an appropriate response.

In the meanwhile, His Grace has ordered that efforts to take and hold all systems in the Imperial Provinces of Devoid and the Bleak Lands are to be redoubled in the name of the Throne of Holy Amarr. Fully secured control of the Imperial Protectorate of Arzad II is designated a priority objective.

Additionally, His Grace has seen fit to commission labour acquisition expeditions to each and every system in the Upper Rebel Provinces currently held by the forces of the 24th Imperial Crusade. All labour acquisition specialist groups will be accompanied by troops drawn from the Shining Flame company, the Red and Silver Hand company, and the Order of St. Tetrimon. A priority order has been drawn up for the full reclaiming of the population of Floseswin IV.

House Sarum looks forward to resolving the matters to be investigated, to the coming reconquest and fortification of Imperial systems, and not least to welcoming new labour servants to the embrace of Holy Amarr.

Lord Qatib Olacar xer Sarum

Private Secretary to His Grace the Lord Sarum,
Holder Kathedra of the Table Paramount of House Sarum


Amarr is prohibited by CONCORD treaties, that we have signed, against enslaving citizens of nations other than Amarr, except prisoners of war and criminals. Non-combatant civilian populations in the EMWPA territories do not count as valid targets under CONCORD law.

I hope that Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh looks into this.


Given the state of the Empire as of late, I don’t think he’ll be pressed to care. This treaty was foolish and now we’re going to see the fallout - the expected fallout, no less.


If we do this, the Republic will probably respond by murdering the people on our planets when they occupy them. Eventually, we’ll just depopulate the entire warzone.

I don’t like this idea.


Why don’t you go stop him then? Destroy the slaving ships? Bombard their collection points from orbit? Cut the supply lines?

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How typical. As usual the Elkin-Newelle liberal coterie doesn’t like it when their betters remind them of their duty as supposedly loyal servants of Holy Amarr and, in this instance, the Royal House of Sarum.

Or is it, rather, that in their secret thoughts the liberals approve of seditious dealings between Amarr and Minmatar, no doubt eagerly promoted by Ammatar traitors, to undermine the right lawful and holy rule of Amarr over Devoid, the Bleak Lands and the Rebel Provinces? I wonder.

I have the honor to be,


Duke Chakaid of Fabai,
Asbara Sardar of the Sipari Companions,
Paladin Deacon, Orders Militant of the Theology Council,
Plenipotentiary Representative of His Majesty Farokh Khanid III



I do not recall Devoid, Bleak Lands, or the Matari Republic being under your house’s circuit, Chakaid.

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How typical for the Bloody Duke of Fabai to make libelous claims over one of the only loyalist groups to stick to their creed in light of this treaty. I may not like them or what they stand for, but I recognize that they fight for their convictions and at least respect that much.


That you go from a statement of concern about ramifications of new Sarum policy for Amarr civilians to accusations of treason is quite telling. I wonder if you might be projecting?

Paladin Elkin should not have posted that response. And PIE warzone operations will support the orders given by the lawful overseers for the region. But she is not in any way treasonous.


A logical response to any attempted takings. How many hostages do they currently have?



Gosh, it’s almost like you idiots declaring ‘this will be so good for the populace’ had no freaking clue.


Except that Sarum’s statement is clearly a rejection of both this agreement and the previous status quo in favor of an entirely new paradigm, and therefore not relevant to my hypothetical in either case.

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It’s pretty clearly a consequence of this agreement. This is what the negotiated agreement ‘will do to civilians’, rather than the status quo. Congratulations, you and your ridiculous friends have begun the Reclaiming By Sword all over again.

Every civilian life lost to it, to reprisals against it, is a result of your foolish agreement. Every child broken and battered, every woman sent to the breeding facilities to be raped over and over again, every grandchild and great-grandchild born into slavery as a result of this resumption is on your head, you stupid, bloodthirsty gits.

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