Empires are getting shafted!

It’s only been a few days, and it seems like the Corruption is already reaching several stages in the Insurgency systems, at least in the Cal-Gal warzone.

From what I see, the game theory on those Insurgencies is totally off, at least on the side of the Empire militias.

  • We are fighting for LP, where the Pirate LP is going to be a lot more desired and profitable.
  • We are fighting in THEIR plexes, where pirates can field their Pirate ships, while we as militias are disadvantaged if we field our navy ships.
  • Pirates should be a common threat to the militias, but a completed Insurgency leaves the system vulnerable and ready to be taken by the opposite militias.

From here, the game theory is either to join the Pirate militias (which I bet already happened for plenty of seagulls), to let the pirates corrupt the system to screw the other militia, or to face the amount of flockers who have a bigger financial incentives than you to [finger]“flip” the systems. In two of those cases, the best move is to just do nothing, which I think is counter to what those insurgencies should be about.

Things could be made a bit better, if Empire militias were not pitted against each other. If Insurgencies are used as a sort of comeback mechanism in FW, it seems to me like more of a bandaid compared to something that should be in OUR mechanics and FW system.

Also, bridging the gap between FW and Pirate LP, LP Store, and Ships. We still don’t have Logistics ships we can field against pirates. FW Turrets and Launchers still ask for tags that are annoying and impractical to obtain, compare that with the Pirate LP stores. If we have to go into Pirate plexes, we should have the logistical means to do so from our mechanics, we can lose out against T2 and Pirate ships as long as our ships are more ISK-efficient and LP-efficient.

That and finally, LP is NOT a good incentive for Empire militias, at worst it only encourages Seagulls, at best we have some much of it that we don’t have to care anymore (and actually have to spend more converting it than actually earning it).

What would be a good incentive is SINKS for our LP out of those Insurgencies (as militias we still have to have our Structures… Just a hint.) And if we could donate to reinforce those systems through our LP donations, I’m sure plenty would be okay with doing it, especially if we have some systems bonuses from it.

@CCP If you actually want Empire militias to make a front against those, you have to give them reasons to do so. Not just hope that we will do it for the sake of it.


LP prices will balance things out as markets get saturated.

No one is forcing the empires to be limited, feel free to come in T2 and pirate ships as well. (Most of us have been using T1 ships btw)
LP isn’t the only reward, Empire militias have access to new modules that they can earn isk with. They can earn more isk from pirate NPCs, and they can use insurgencies to their advantage if they spawn in enemy militia space. The Eugidi insurrection for example is dividing Minmatar attention, forcing them to either continue their taking of south eastern systems, or to deal with the Angels, allowing Amarr to gain ground…and once the insurgency is over, they can take Flo right away.

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Yep. And the empire militia are using their navies quite well. I’ve died to a few lol.

for now with supplies an issue its not like angel cartel is running fleets of dramiels and higher for RP inspired fleets. That would imply getting the minerals in to make that crap lol. Some days I can’t even get named mods for tighter fits and improvise.

Most sites I am on I like most on it are t1 like I am. My kestrel and rifters do their part to spread the corruption. till blown up anyway. then I get another.

The way I see it, the biggest problem with fighting NPC wars is that there’s simply no way that anyone can have coded into the system all the subtle variables and butterfly effect that occur when all sides are actual players. I recall hearing that one the the major nullsec alliance wars was won/lost largely down to someone not paying the rent on a small structure. You’re never going to get those sort of faux pas coded into AI characters. Thus players are really just pushing for one or other pre-decided outcomes rather than the wide array that humans are capable of.

That was goons unless it happened twice after I left about 5 years ago. Kartoon (spelling may be off) didn’t pay the SOV bill for the alliance as whole.

The structure you mentioned was a jumpbridge no longer working. Jump bridges stop working when you don’t pay the bills. IT alliance then stormed in once they picked up on that sign.

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I personally was very surprised with how quickly systems were pushed to level 5 corruption. The angel insurgency is already won.

A few things, imo

Angel NPCs still shoot angel militia, which is silly.

Angel militia should not be able to dock in the warzone until corruption 5 is reached in those systems, would make the FOB more interesting.

And angel militia should probably not be able to fly uncontested through any of hi sec.


totally agree.

Absolutely, Angel NPCs should be blue to Angel Militia Members.

Well if done consequently, Angel Militia Members shouldn’t be able to dock anywhere in Empire, only in Zarzakh, Level 5 corrupted systems and on Angel FOBs (well that would be interesting gameplay). And Null/WH space of course.

True, they should get FacPols attention immediately.

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I didn’t see that. At least on the sites themselves. I didn’t hover on gates to see how the gate ones act tbh. They were buzzing around leaving me and othere be as we rode out timers no issues when I was doing things.

Not saying it didn’t happen but maybe a bug or something players were doing? Dunno.

Personally I think the main mistake is assuming empire militias don’t want bubbles, don’t want hisec made low, and want supergateguns. Most existing militias are lowsec pvpers, and prefer the corruption effects to suppression.


They do.

They so far as I have seen when cutting through empire are not on empire gates for the kills. My fw char got messages all minmatar jumps about how they I am an enemy of the state and they will find me.

I was burning through to not see just how long any response time would be.

It clears up out of minmatar (assumed amarr as well) space since Angel is not at war with gallante or caldari. I’d gather gurista gets this gallente/caldari and not minmatar/amarr space.

Not in the sites, but standard angel rats in an asteroid belt or whatever. It’s odd that a minmatar mining vessel was in the belt, being defended by an angel cartel rat lol

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That’s correct for minmatar and amarr space, but angels are not hostile in caldari or gallente, and vice versa for gurista

Yeah but thats a bit silly, not? Since all the Pirate Factions (which Angel Milita is supposedly part of) are obviously enemies of the Empires for ages - and all of them. I mean, thousands of Agent-Missions are run each day against them on behalf of the Empire’s corporations, so they are clearly “the enemy” as much as you can be an enemy.

Build a bridge and get over it

Silly yes. But I am used to silly. I’ve done pvp servers in wow classic. Their npc’s do some odd crap too in non sanctuary “cities”. They care about this…but not that stuff.

I am also thinking its preemptive server load stuff.

Take concorde, add in faction police and lets make it a party! For now that is regulated by empire fw people in say jita. Legal kills no added npc load.

Not sure why some angels go here but its their call and their ship. I came from homes where no mercy was spared for dying in jita to wt’s. Neut haulers, this is the way!

We’ve still got to get our Logi-ships as militia, and most items outside of ammos, implants, and blueprints are a pain to handle in our LP store, and that 90% because of tags.

If those were removed/simplified, we could field navy weapons and modules more easily, then T2/pirate hulls wouldn’t be that big of a gap.

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