Any rumors about rebalancing havoc?

I am fairly disappointed (like massively) in how the expansion rewards pirates for putting things into corruption (and thus the risk to high sec POS) but then the almost minimal (no?) rewards for a counterrepsonse. Trying to get anyone to help was pulling teeth. The unclarity about what occurs with a supression 5 and corruption 5 system was maddening. There are really good opportunities here for getting folks introduced to PVP. But it isn’t working if it is 10 vs 1 because none of the militias have any interest or incentive to participate. This feels like something easy to look at from a game balance standpoint (“OK, what are the incentives here?”) and just kinda confused how this got overlooked. Hopefully fixed as the year goes on.

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They havent been able to get normal FW right in 10 years so dont expect Havoc to be either. It is what it is.

The problem is they refuse to keep it simple

A real nice bone to throw to fw here would be drop that tag crap. I was angels. I jsut walked up in the FOB store and pulled whatever with lp. That is a nice system.

Currently the greatest pirate hunter ever could make 1 million LP. And have crap for tags. I hammered close to 200K working dammalin suppression when I was on. No tags… And looking at the score board, no end of cycle bonus most likely.

Why I can see pirate hunt can go less. Dammalin suppressed, I will focus more stuff for amarr’s recent surges. It be more fun as an added bonus.

Few people seem to enjoy the tags aspect of LP stores but removing them entirely might be too excessive. If there was only 1 type of tag for each faction i think it would go a long way to improve things i think.

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