The new pirate wars

Was just wondering how the new pirate fw is going , now I did hear that many of the null groups are farming the sites for LP , but in a way it’s to be expected and a simple option to move there bot armies from null to low/ high .

I do wonder is null so stagnant that they now pve in empire space , what a wonderful state of affairs , is there not a danger that they will stagnate these areas too.

In a way they are like virus to good game play ideas . Or is this a new skill for holding sovereignty , boredom implementation.

(Yes I do know there are some fun and interesting null groups that can resist the influence of larger groups and do there own thing, keep up the good work)

So have I got this right, pirates got new ships and stuff with new mechanics to lower security status and the people expected to fight them are players in fw . With no new incentives like ships or cool stuff in the LP store and you also have too fight null fleets and their bots.

Look forward to hearing what’s actually happening

( If I’m in anyway right this is a crime and is in the right forum section ,please do not move)


Is this a complaint?

Oh look , it seems other think the same


Only really about botting which takes content away from other players . Let them bot in their sovereignty space.

No one at CCP sat down and thought , I know, null is boring let’s give them something to do In high/low.

Really it’s a player problem and we need to fix it , with same incentives as they have to mess it up.

If you don’t like botting, kill bots.


Stop protecting them.


Indeed, a safe space for f1 monkeys

NPC corp based players can be kicked from faction when standings drop. If one kills bots, they get kicked from faction

Player based corps can awox and stay so long as player corp has good standing as a whole.

And these player based corps tend to hunt what lands on the sites they run. They don’t “police” the sites beyond hooking themselves up on their sites being run.

Bots, gulls, and regular folk learn to avoid them.

This is how frat and others corner their lp farms. Their player corps holds standing no matter how many they awox Pirate FW inherited the same crap from empire fw basically. Awox corps wiping non corpies on larger plexes and such has been a thing for a while.

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Please don’t slander Awox by using that word.


I hear you, lets go with team killing.

I know they are a cool person. My first day in angel fw I saw the name and was going so I’ve finally seen them in person (of sorts). A Cool player to chat with.

I know this was a goon (I think) joke that took off way too big.

You can read all about it here: The AWOX Files – ‎James 315 Space

Awox has requested that people refer to this as Aikoing.


We don’t give legitimacy to terrorist acts by drawing attention to the people behind the acts by using their names.

Just call it what it is: niche TPK (team-player-killer) griefing by cowards who are afraid to do REAL PvP.


Who is this WE you speak of?

I see you finally met the guy. He’s pretty chill, except he likes Pilk (pepsi + milk). Gross.

Is that really a thing

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I’ve heard of Coke and milk, my mother loves it, but I’ve never heard of Pepsi and milk.



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I decided to return to this “game”. Especially the CCP made new FW, and the online on the server has grown (due to those who ran away from the dead servers).

I paid the subscription, flew to the angels FW, I go into a small complex for 5 people and wait, when there are last 2 minutes, a huge fleet of algos’s flies to me, on the anchor. I politely ask in the locale chat to remove some of his ships to another free 5m beacon, but no sooner had I finished writing than 4 retributions arrive and kill me, ignoring the algos’s they fly away.

Talking to the guys in faction chat it turned out that these are ships of the same multiboxer from Fraternity. and this happens on a regular basis!

Overall the experience of the new FW and getting back into the game is awesome! I recommend it to everyone!

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Which is easier:

  1. Managing a HUGE fleet of algos and 4 retribuitons
  2. Destroy 4 retributions (HINT: Make friends)

Now @DrysonBennington says that FW is for where the real real PvP’ers are. Try to behave like one instead of farming safe plexes and whining like you know who.

So do any groups that are in angel FW fight back , I know solo players will have a hard time.

Also are the four retributions on the angel side and dose this not mess up their standing .