Whats the point of the pirate factions to a new player?

All the pirate factions are in null space, meaning as a new player I could never do their missions or access their LP store. So basically I would have to join a null bloc to work with a pirate faction… correct? For example if I want to work for the Blood Raiders I would have to join the goons no?

Theres two flavors of null sec space:

  • „Sov null“ which is nullsec that is owned by players. Notably, no NPCs live here.
  • „NPC null“ which is simply null security status but owned by an NPC entity (and sometimes has their stations and agents).

Sometimes NPC nullsec space is a whole region, sometimes it is just a constellation surrounded by sov null. Delve specifically is mostly Sov Null (Goonswarm owns it) and a few constellations are NPC Null (anyone can try to live here).

In any case, you’re not required to join player groups to live in an NPC nullsec station. But the locals or any nearby sov null guys might try to kill you. This is no different to high sec, people there are trying to kill you, but the tools are simply more constrained there.

So like anywhere else in the game, there are benefits to grouping up with players. But there is no requirement to join a Sov Null group in order to live in NPC Null sec.

Also, NPC nullsec is often where players go to start their Sov null sec dreams, as the NPC stations there act as permanent safe bases from which groups can live. You can still be Station camped though, just like anywhere else.

The usual best practices can keep you safe in NPC nullsec just like anywhere else dangerous (eg high sec): use bookmarks, don’t warp gate to gate, use d scan. Nullsec just has a few more tactical things to watch out for (bubbles and cynos) but the principle is the same.



Many NPC stations are actually not in sov-owned space, so you, and anyone, can dock and freely use them.

Does that come with its own dangers? Yes. But the rewards are much better.

New players can and do join goons btw. Nothing about being new excludes you from that.


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