What do you do in NPC nullsec?

I’m just wondering, since you can’t claim it and can’t put down the structures that make anomalies spawn, what do people do that’s different from lowsec or the like to make money? Why do they live there aside from slightly different pvp rules?

Combat anomalies and ice. Depending on where you are, you could be drowning in bounties or booster production materials. Maybe even a nice haul of faction loot, who knows. I see very few people in some regions of null, and it’s common for wormholers to set up in a wormhole with a static exit and pop into null to kill ratts. Kind of living half-nomadically as opposed to just basing in null.

PvP mainly. As a long time Syndicate resident, NPC Null is similar to lowsec, but there is much more sense of ownership of systems/constellations.

While you can’t have sov, doesn’t mean you can’t own an area. Ownership is determined by control and it very much exists.

What I like the most is that because there are no system upgrades and NPC null is generally worth less than sov null financially, most people you come across are pvpers.

As indicated above, ice, moons and combat sites do provide space for some PVEers, but in general, in my experience, NPC null is for PvP.


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