NPC Null: Worth it?

Is it actually worth living in NPC Null as a solo pilot compared to highsec? Getting a bit bored and want some content.




Depends by situation.

What is your purpose?

You can run missions to support your PVP at the location where you live.
You have nice income from the LP stores, the tags and occasional faction modules.
No one can take your home from you. If someone camps your system where you run missions, you can move the mission gear to a different system or have other mission systems already equipped with gear.
You have a public market that people stock and you can access without restrictions.
You can camp busy pipes or hunt for mission runners flying around to missions.
You can get popular hauling services to bring gear to your location. It is expensive but it is at least possible in contrast to sov null sec.

It is worth it if you fly missions in a BS, it is worth it if you fly them in frigates, and it is worth it because you can find targets all around the sov null sec as well as inside.


In the past I have lived solo in the T22-QI pocket in syndicate. Can be quite fun and logistics from that spot aren’t too bad. And your only like, 12ish jumps from fw

Living somewhere remote solo means logistics is a pita.

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personaly i can tell you it’s absolutely worth it. after my first steps in npc null in a small corp when eventualy everyone left the game except me i went on solo. just my thrasher, a bubble and my covert ops alt for scouting. you will get baited and killed but you will get many fights/ganks out of it. and you will not be solo for long. as you learn to know the locals you will make friends quickly. the pvpers in null are quite different people than the ones in highsec.

i have to say that i am quite the introvert and have somewhat difficulties dealing with new people and making new friends but this game got me so far that last summer i sat myself in a plane and visited my new eve friends in the czech republic i am playing now with for over 4 years. so the trailers are not lying when they say you can make new friends for life. great times :slight_smile:

so yeah, go for it mate


^^ What Nalia said. Nalia is one of our neighbours in Syndicate. Many enjoyable fights! In fact, it is neighbours like Nalia who make our neighborhood so fun - good fights without being jerks about it.

OP, I recommend you just head into NPC null and give it a try. If you find the patch you are in too quiet, move around until you find a patch that provides the level and type of entertainment you are after.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


I live in Stain and I think it is alright down here.

I find it a very quiet place to live in the US time zone or late in the EU zone. There are lots of opportunities out here, I enjoy belt ratting, combat sites, mining sites with abc rocks, the chance of an officer spawn.

I have tried to invite people here numerous times and they all argue/leave due to them having to change their play style to match conditions down here. I have been successful here due to my willingness to adapt and not complain about it. If you are able to adapt then you will thrive.

At the moment I am making serious bank down here as I am one of a few people tending to the T1 market. I Play it safe and I am patient.

Whats your background @Nyx_Nirvana ?

I notice you’re a new player haha, you make me think about starting another “Invitation to 0.0” venture where I invite new players here and build a community :smile:

Look me up if you want to learn about surviving in a harsh environment, I’m somewhat of a guru on the subject.

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I like NPC null for relic exploration.
I find local corps there are usually so bored and lonely they are just glad to have some occasional non-aggressive/threatening random to chat with whilst they run their own content.

Ya I Live in Syndicate. Great place lots of pvp and good indy and pve aswell. If your looking for a place to base out of Solitude/Syndicate is a great. It has everything you need HS,LS, Null all within a few jumps. Cavemen. Alliance is a great group of ppl out that way for providing good content and pvp fleets.

One other point is that there will always be less people in npc null which means there is more goddies for the brave few that venture out there.

YES!!! but even better is wh space… I find officer spawns occassinally in stain. :slight_smile: they pay out nice. I started in wildlands though myself. I rarely go to npc null now to make isk however. Simply because there are alot of folks in nullsec when the wars are quite.

TBH if you like null, join a nullsec corp or alliance, as soon as you get carrier or dread capability, you will want to make some more isk and npc null may not be the best option anymore. I think wildlands is nice for shield tanking and stain for armor tanking, being the easiest imo for low sp guys, naturally your shields have higher exp and kin resists and armor has higher em and thermal resists… so might as well take advantage of that. SO if you go to stain, dont shield tank. unless you got the skills and all of course.

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