Is it possible to thrive with 0 isk, 0 skill points, 0 contact in npc null sec?

Returning player looking for something interesting to try. My plan is to create a new character, head to npc null sec and try to survive there.

Curious about the feasibility of the enterprise. Is it actually doable? Which space should I head to?

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You literally can’t have 0 SP. You get a bunch by default when creating a new character.

I’m also curious about your plans once you get to NPC null. Where are you going to get ships, modules and such? As far as I know there are no real markets in any NPC null. At least none that you will survive visiting.

Also not sure how far a newbie ship will get you down there. It’s not like you can go ratting in a null-sec anom in an Ibis with a civilian gun. Hell, even most belt spawns will tear you to pieces. - And that civilian miner will take ages to gather enough stuff to even build a frigate.

You could probably grind your way through it, but it would be painful, and you’d get very little out of it.

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Thanks for the reply R4d1o4ct1v3

In your opinion, what would be the minimum requirements to live in npc null? My plan would be to mine/explore/trade. Whatever needed to pay the next bill.

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You can join a noob Corp. Brave newbies, pandemic horde, karmafleet… on second though, pandemic horde are having problems so they may not be the best alliance to join right now.

Those corps accept any and all players.

But they will not be happy if all you do is mine/farm. You will need to join ops and pvp.


Mining will get you killed very often, and there won’t be many people to trade with (unless you join them.)

Exploration is probably your best bet, you could then also find wormhole-routes back to high sec to sell your proceeds, and buy replacement ships.

Missions for pirate factions will also be an option, lvl 1 missions do not require a lot in terms of ships (I’m sure a half decent fit t1 frig will run them easily) the pay will be crap though, until you move up to lvl 4s in a BS, and then the risk is much greater.

As for moving around null, being able to fly an interceptor so you can breeze through bubble camps will make your life a lot easier.


Thanks for the replies.

Which npc null space would give the more options for low level mission and exploration?

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Stain is pretty good area for exploration

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the easy way to do this is exploration. There is not that high a barrier to entry - just need a probe and the skills to scan and run the minigame. if you get blown up, so what, its just a probe. It will take a while, but eventually you will work towards a covert ops ship and then a t3., etc. . .

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Yeah that’s what I’ll start with. Now waiting for a character to be deleted so I can create the new one. I think I’ll start with Stain as suggested.

Thanks all.

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