@CCP Size Limitations of Insurgency Sites as a balancing factors *Works*!

Just wanted to report, from earing it from multiple sources, that the diminution of Shared Payouts through the size of the various sites of Insurgencies works.

Despite the fact that Angel and Gurrista LP is valued at clear-hype levels, I have seen people switching and considering switching back to Empire Militia. Which means that there is a mechanism there to balance the numbers between the two sides.

I would encourage using that mechanism more, it gives as ceiling to the content and ensures that, unlike null-sec, our fleets don’t have to numbers into the hundred and be more focused on small-scale.

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Its not jsut lp’s. its other things having people eye changes.

I had a fun night of the awoxing reports, debates on them, and 5 minutes in of trash talk and cross accusations…I didn’t in one case know who of the 2 was awoxer and and the awoxee lol.

Goon and others 0.0 crap bleeding over…so even awox isn’t clear.

I’ve found solid people my time I jsut roll with them. they haven’t shot me up in 3 weeks. I deem them safe.

Its the chat that gets annoying lol. Low quaility stuff too. I’ve seen better personal jabs thrown in wow retail battlegrounds gone to crap. Eve has to be better than that. I means its pretty low bar stuff there.

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