48 hour wait for next insurgency?

Angels just got our insurgency alert, and im bummed that i have to wait for 48 hours to “forecast”

if Devs can justify their reasoning for this, cool, but otherwise im disappointed that this cant be consistent in some way, allow us to interfere with empire sites and whatnot and maybe that will be good to have as a pass time

Go into the old Insurgency and kill stuff there? you can interfere there to your hearts content.

All those LP farmers … :wink:

Or stage crap. the next spot I know more about what to do. The BR put some au’s on the odometer last night.

I am trying to make round 2 cheaper. Cleaned out my collective hangars to offset new module buys, with frig hulls laying around or some empire buys.

Pack ratting years ago finally paying off hopefully. Or when (not if) I pop I can go well…its not like cared about this stuff for the few years I have been in azeroth lol.

They stated this period is to both warn players who live in the area, and for pirates to stage ships.


Not different than Sansha incursions and other sites like Flashpoints, lots and lots of things have timers in EVE, welcome to EVE

Yep. It also gives min mil time to prepare. In the discords given the area’s importance to min mil (I gathered its a more major staging area for them) we are expecting a good fight there. Many posters were hoping that happens.

No problem with the forecast window. Problem is how short the insurgency is, and how little the empires are incentivized to deal with it. Also, the isk payout is way too low.

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