( UPDATED 28/10/2019 ) Factional Warfare Patch Notes For October 2019 Players Made Release

EDIT : CCP made some announcements about FW at the CCP Rise “Core Gameplay update”. More below in the update post.

TLDR : if you still haven’t moved yet your FW alts somewhere else, now is the time. Hello Vegas, we are not totally dead yet. FW Discord with all 70 voted proposals here in pdf version.

The system of Halmah has fallen few seconds ago. On the 3 300 plexes we needed to run, only 150 remain for the last mission system of Auner. On the Minmatar side, the blockade is thus complete and on the Amarr side it will soon be.

While the attention is on Eve Vegas, we can already announce the final countdown before our own home brew and players made patch.

Patch Notes For October 2019 Release : low sec FW Amarr and Minmatar agents are no more.

No one can henceforth dock its puller alts in the 24th and TLF stations to chain blitz the lvl 4 missions and earn millions of Loyalty Points crashing the market at the expanse of FW pvpers.

The present :

In terms of man-hours, the 22 mission systems represent a minimum of 550 hours spent on novice plexes or 825 hours spent on small plexes or finally 1 100 hours spent on medium or large plexes. Those numbers don’t take into account the opposing d-plexing or even the form-up, travel or pvp time. The reality is therefore much higher.

Again our hope is not to cash out our accumulated LP : we could cash out by just telling our pilots not to undock and wait for our tier to sink to Tier I. Our aim is to stop mission farming from crashing the LP obtained by plexing and stabilize our markets making it less cyclical so that the Amarr militia don’t bleed members half the year and the Minmatar militia the other half.

An year round reason to undock on both sides, making pvp more interesting as an income by plexing. A stabilized market would also hopefully make plex farmers and bots spread out more equally between both militias, cancelling each other.

You can find a draft analysis of the potential impact here. Feel free to add your own input. TL/DR : no FW item can reach 6K isk/lp without killing its own market.

The recent past :

Those have been two interesting weeks : the dankest civil wars inside militias, RPers taking sides, bored or greedy pirates sponsoring some corps which you already knew from their trolling posting on Reddit, endless debates in local.

We even had a RP war when the CCP Roleplay event crew declared us traitors to our cause trough the voice of a forum NPC. Turns out that the RP crew wanted to help us to highlight Faction Warfare unknowingly starting civil wars anew. Then the 300 posts battle ended with the RP CCPs publishing a RP reason for deleting the missions.

far more concerned by allegations of corruption among 24th Imperial Crusade officials […] irregular convoy activity and suspicious financial activities.

If you are interested by RP, you can also take a look there.

The future :

A discussion is ongoing since April in the FW Discord on the future of FW. You can find a pdf of all 70 voted proposals here and its excel version here. Below a quick summary of the main axis of those proposals :

  • Disable FW Mission Agents

  • Reinstate gate sliding

  • Apply penalties to FW Citadels anchored in enemy territory/Disable docking in neutral structures anchored in enemy systems.

  • Disable Crime-Watch/Introduce Suspect Timer in Plexes

  • Introduce Battlecruiser sized plexes.

  • Scale plex impact on system conquest with size of the plex

  • Rework tier system by making it less extreme/snowballing or linked to personal activity

And on the long run :

  • Introduce mechanisms creating warzone hot-zones and rewarding fighting there : frontline system, weekly events, target systems, adjacency system. More risk, more reward.

This is just a top 10 list : you can find all details in the pdf or launch a discussion in the comments. As always, it’s a work in progress and the whole FW Discord is of course open to any discussion with the devs who could be interested.

And beyond :

Faction Warfare is dying so is Low-Sec as a whole.

Pirate groups also need reward/gameplay reasons to fight beyond just honor fights. Right now most conflicts exist purely thanks to ■■■■-talk in local, not because the game push players against each others and rewards them for that.

Established pirate groups lost strategical objectives when moon mining became active. Before moons represented conflict driving resource points in a pvp lifestyle. Pocos still fulfil this role but on a limited scale.

On the level below, there is no gameplay reason for small pirate groups to set up in the warzone. Or for high sec corps to day trip to low sec. Just to quote a possible example, there is no “air drops” mechanism like in Rust rewarding small pvp scale between small groups.

Right now low-sec only survives because of the willingness of its players to stay for fights. Resource wise, living in low sec has no incentive and its players income is outsourced to alts.

Null sec thrives when its groups compete for owning a territory. Low sec should thrive when different sizes of groups compete for resources in a same lawless territory and fight each others in it.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your support and comments,


Team Amarrica

Siege Gold

Local is Primary

44th Recon Unit

Yondu Federation

A few articles :




From EveVegas i say good work men.

Awesome work

Lmao. Sisyphus!

The only struggle you lose is the one you abandon !

CCP announced this very evening a roadmap for short term FW changes. We still don’t know the timetable, the fate of remaining issues or the long term beyond the short term but if this is a beginning let us keep up the fight !

Capture from the Dev presentation

Twitch link to the Dev presentation ( FW subject starts at 00:42:55)

Thanks to the devs sympathetic to our cause ( and for making this great game), the gaming journalists and thank you all for your support ! We will keep on.

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Not a native english speaker, where is the typo ? Thanks :slight_smile:

Nevermind, I misread.

Congratulations on your efforts and achieving what you wanted!
You have their attention, but now you need to keep it up and potentially
deal with NPCs messing with you!

You’re doing it right! I wish more people would stand up against CCP in game,
where it actually matters, compared to posting on the forums whining about things.

Awesome! This is EVE!

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TLDR : While absent from the Friday keynotes, Faction Warfare got some announcement by CCP Rise at the Saturday Core Gameplay Update !

18th century painting depicting the last moments of FW Farmers

o/ all,

The system of Auner has fallen.

Yep, that’s our third post in little time but this one is to conclude our own Eve Vegas weekend and launch a discussion about the announcements made at Eve Vegas but also about the proposals the FW Discord cooked up.

Two days ago we announced the final countdown before our own home brew patch : the mission agents would be no more. As promised, this is now done with the fall yesterday of the Auner system successfully concluding the countdown during the last day of Eve Vegas : all Low Sec TLF and 24th agents are now locked down.

What about the two militias ?

Well the Amarrs keep going proudly with their tradition of having the best civil wars. After their conquest of Auner, they are even distributing the proudest medal they could dream of :

As for the Minmatar militia, they organized Saturday evening a RP event opened to all Minmatar players to discuss the present situation.

“Half the U’K members were drunk off their arses before the moot even started and once underway, couldn’t even respect the concept of turns to speak let alone traditions.” quote by a eyewitness propagating false rumors.

You can still find a draft analysis of the blockade impact on FW stores here. TL/DR : no FW item can reach a too high isk/lp ratio without killing its own market.

CCP announcements at Eve Vegas :

While absent from the Friday keynotes, Faction Warfare got some announcements by CCP Rise at the Core Gameplay Update.

Capture from the CCP Rise presentation

Twitch link to the presentation ( FW subject starts at 00:42:55)

Twitch link to the question about FW during the AMA ( 5:21:47 ) followed at 5:45:47 by a question about LP

Written summary :

  • FW Missions will surely have their payout nerfed ( “most obvious way” CCP rise quote) but will not be deleted

  • Penalties for FW citadels in enemy FW territory ( “leverage the low power changes” “warzone state affects your citadels’ performance, like not having tether” CCP rise quotes). It’s important for us because citadels made system ownership irrelevant.

  • Gate sliding will be back ( gate sliding was a mechanism preventing people from tackling you when warping to and then sliding the entrance gate of plex. Since it disappeared people pad their zkillboard by camping the entrance gate of frigate plexes).

  • Overview will be fixed ( especially important to prevent friendly fire between militia members).

  • Plex Shakeups. Battlecruiser plex for the win ! (“more diversity” “battlecruiser” “further from the beacon” “we can do a lot with this” CCP rise quotes)

During the AMA :

  • Timetable for those changes : “sometime soon” “sometime in the next couple of months” CCP rise quotes

  • Integrate more FW with the NPC “bigger kind of hopes for integrating it more in the NPE” CCP rise quote

  • Also at 5:45:47 someone asks about changes to LP system ( “possible” CCP rise quote). Whereas until now any discussion about LP, especially LP corp tax, was stopped by “sry legacy code” until now.

For those who read our previous post, as you can guess we are of course enthusiastic, cautious but enthusiastic, by those announcements. Those are changes that we have been wishing for since a long time.

A love letter to CCP :

Thanks CCP for giving us Saturday a bit of your love and for giving us hope. We love you back. But you know hope is a fragile flame which easily flickers and dies : you have to foster it. Also we really appreciated your letter from Vegas but as says the proverbs : out of keyboard, out of mind.

Work with us.

You have hundreds of players who have been ready to spend their days and nights in plexing fleets just to organize and apply a gameplay change to mission agents. Just because faced with the dying state of their gameplay, it’s the only thing they could hope for right here, right now.

You have thousands of players who have been debating about what would be best for their gameplay, hundreds who since April have formulated and voted upon those proposals in the FW Discord.

You have the leaderships of both Amarr and Minmatar militias on board for changes to the warzone and able to mobilize their members, pushing information from the ground.

You already have a FW Discord where all the discussions and information from players are centralized and summarized making it easier to work with it.

We can launch further discussions to fine tune some of the proposals, we can launch votes to see between the similar proposals which one our members prefer, we can organize feedbacks, we can brainstorm about the possible exploits.

For instance applying penalties to FW citadels is meaningless if we can anchor and dock in alt corp citadels. Just to quote an example. If LP runs dry between both warzones, we need to rethink together the ( on a side note snowballing ) Tier system to keep the LP flowing or how items are balanced between FW stores and alternatives.

The less you talk to us, the less concerned will our members feel about the game and giving feedbacks. The more you talk to us in a shared and constructive gameplay engineering, the more our members will feel invested and will participate to work groups, proposals and feedbacks.

We are in 2019 : co-construction can be a thing, a productive thing for you and for us.

Eve Online is the most amazing existing game. Let’s not give up on it.

The work in progress proposals :

You will find below a summary of all voted and accepted proposals since April in the FW Discord. The blue coloured ones are the various proposals which are possible solutions to CCP rise presentation from Saturday. Changes we don’t know for sure about are left white.

To see the long term projects ( frontline system, seasons of warfare, target systems etc) hastily summarized here, you have to go to the Discord since trying to transcript their discussions would take entire pages.

We post it here to launch a discussion in the comments. The more feedbacks we have, the further we can fine tune those proposals, especially if there are some possible exploits or side effects around them. Also we are all part of the same sandbox.

You can find the full pdf of all those 70 voted proposals here and its excel version here.

Thank you all for you support.

The only struggle you lose is the one you abandon.


Nah, there wasn’t any CCP involvement in this one, it was all player-organized. (There was an ISD guy in system but he was just being a spai, not participating.)


I thought they created some special channel or what not, no ?

No, we did that all by ourselves, using the normal EVE chat channels :smiley:

The work on the channels / environment descriptions was done by @Khaprice (with some proofreading by myself).


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