[SARUM] Slaves Freed in Honor of Jubilee

(Omega Jovakko) #21

That’s very noble of you. I suppose I should thank you for ensuring the safety of these people.

(Jason Galente) #22

Fourty seven people. A token gesture to give the remaining tens of thousands of slaves or more, hope, so they will work harder to a degree that allows the Newelle family to extract more productivity by this improvement in mood than by the total sum of work by the freed 47.

Yawn. Someone wake me up when a Holder makes a real statement and frees all of their slaves. Not that this has never happened, mind you.

(Utari Onzo) #23

Umm. It has. My own Lord, thanks to the protections to Holder’s rights by the Tash-Murkon family, has avowed themselves of slaves even as others under the same family take liberties with theirs.

I’ll readily admit it’s an extreme rarity, and at best causes the family to be given wide berth, but that’s the price one pays for taking a stand.

Ah, I see I misread the part where you say it has “not never”. Point still stands I suppose.

(Goldfinch) #24

Spoken like a prime candidate for Reclaiming.

(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #25

The mountains do not move before the impotent.

(Alizabeth Vea) #26

Asking people to stay on topic in the IGS is like me asking my daughter not to stay up late playing hologames.

Everyone not Amarr is a ‘prime candidate’ for Reclaiming. I have many friends in the State and Caldari kirjuun. No one is going to be enslaving them. They know that I am Amarr and if they have questions about the faith, I will either answer them or point them to someone that can. I don’t force it on anyone.

And with regards to my service to Lady Newelle, failing in that service is the fate worse than death, not the service itself.


I should look into getting me some slaves. Being a capsuleer of such advanced age there is often a lot of pod goo to clean up.

(Jev North) #28

More Aldrith-style humor, hm?

(Nauplius) #29

Nothing in this post reported whether the slaves were of Minmatar ancestry; in such case, it would have been a crime against a holy and righteous God to free them, for the Minmatar are a permanent slave people who must never, ever be manumitted. To do so would be to commit the same crime as that of the Whore of Sarum, Jamyl.

Assuming the worst, I have responding to the crime of Minmatar manumission in kind: by the sacrifice of 47 filthy Minmatar subhumans to God. Stuffed into Imparior cargo holds and undocked into holy Amarrian Scorch lazer fire, these 47 will desecrate God’s creation no more.

Even so, may the Blood Age come quickly. Amen. Amarr Victor.

(Samira Kernher) #30

And this is why you don’t make grandstanding announcements about this.

(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #31

The existence of the Caldari State exists for one purpose, and one purpose only: to uphold and defend the Caldari culture and racial identity. A war was fought which cost the lives of billions in order to ensure that purpose. Every Caldari citizen who considers themselves part of the Caldari culture and race is inculcated in the knowledge that their purpose in life is the same as that of the State in which they are part – to fight the kulturkampf for continued existence demands the requirement of fighting the cultural war every day, blood for blood, and death for death whether the tactics used by the enemy are subversive or overt.

There is only Caldari and there is everyone else. There is only Us versus Them. To submit oneself to a foreign master means foregoing the fight in the cultural war of the Caldari State irrespective of if that submission is to the progressive liberalism and democracy of the Gallente or the God and Empire of the Amarr.

As such no, you will not reclaim us and you will not replace us.

(Halcyon Ember) #32

That has been the message of most cultures. I doubt you stating it is going to deter their views any more successfully than those before you.

(Aria Jenneth) #33

… eeeeeh … without completely disagreeing, Ms. Ember, I don’t think the Amarr have run up against such an even match since the Udorians. And that’d be if it was just the State.

Veik’s a little bit Templis (at least in her present mode, which seems to be kind of a default, so, maybe these are her real views), but the Caldari really are pretty dedicated as a nation to “remaining themselves,” whatever happens. They’ve fortified their space to a pretty extreme degree, maintain the most modern naval force in the cluster, and get prickly even about stuff like people practicing a foreign religion while living within State borders.

Pretty sure even if the Empire maintains Reclaiming ambitions towards the State (which I don’t really doubt), even without the more immediate threat from the Republic and Federation, the Empire would probably be looking at the State as the last item on the menu.

(Halcyon Ember) #34

You’re missing my point. Do I say that a lot? I’m not commenting on how difficult it would be, the likelihood of the Amarr winning or anything else. I’m saying that stating “You won’t reclaim us, we are not to be reclaimed” won’t make a difference to the Amarrian perception. They’re not going to turn around and say “Everyone is to be reclaimed, except Caldari cos Veik said so, ok?”

(Aria Jenneth) #35

No, I get that. I think.

What I’m saying is that in the last couple centuries the Empire’s found itself with some pretty compelling practical reasons to adjust its expectations and/or attitude towards others … and has done so.

Veik saying it isn’t probably very meaningful. The State saying it collectively, and backing it up with a whole fortified region and a highly-modern war machine, is enough to maybe influence behavior, which is maybe more important than the question of whether, ideally, the State eventually needs Reclaiming.

(Halcyon Ember) #36

No, because it doesn’t change the fundamental nature of their outlook. The fact that the state is fortified invites wariness but it won’t dissuade them from belief in their divine mandate. After all, as Arrendis has pointed out, the party line on that one didn’t change one whit post Jovian interactions.

(Aria Jenneth) #37

Did it not?

Um. So-- how would you describe the Pax Amarria?

(Goldfinch) #38

We have felled many mountains in our Holding, mined them out until only a hollow crust remains. We have built many more. No one will mistake you for a mountain.

Emulating Divine Commodore Shutaq can only be a good thing.

That said, we don’t expect allies to express their own insecurities (at such great length) by criticizing the fundamental working model of our culture. We respect and adore our allies, and we personally have never gone on any philosophical offensive about Caldari culture and values. We feel it would be inappropriate to do so, outside of private discussion.

(Halcyon Ember) #39

Act of necessity?
I’m pretty sure the scripture hasn’t changed and that’s what drives such proclamations as the above.

(Aria Jenneth) #40

I gather it’s under consideration for inclusion in the Scriptures, though?

It’d be kind of neat if it got added.