Anniversary of the Empress Jamyl's Historic Announcement

Another year has passed since the Empress Jamyl’s Emancipationary Announcement which gave freedom to many enslaved persons.

And the Empress also said that a new age of reason and enlightenment where slavery was unnecessary was fast approaching.

“Out there on the event horizon, a new age races toward us,” said the Empress in her announcement, “and it is approaching fast. The Lord in his infinite grace has instructed me that the chains that fetter us will no longer be necessary in this new age of light and reason, neither the chains of hatred that restrain our minds nor the chains of indenture that restrain those less fortunate than ourselves.”

Of course, the Empress Jamyl is now dead, may her soul be at peace, and has been for several years, and we are now in the era of Empress Catiz 1, long may she reign.

So… since last year… there have been the developments of new, terrifying stellar weapons, that can scourge entire solar systems of life. I am unable to interpret how these things fit into the Empress Jamyl’s vision. Though I suppose that when the prospect of eradicating all life in an entire solar system exists, then such coercive methods as actual chains might seem quaintly outdated. Were I to be hugely cynical.

The first children of the Emancipated will now be of an age where in the coming year they will start joining military academies as junior cadets, as I understand recruiting methods in the Republic ?

May interstellar peace break out in the coming year.

And the Triglavians can go to Hell.


Solar system eradicating weapons do not fit into Jamyl’s vision, because the Throne is Vacant and Jamyl was an anti-Empress not capable of true revelation. God showed how much he believes in Jamyl’s opinion of slavery when he allowed a band of demons to miraculously one-shot her out of a titan.

Solar system eradicating weapons DO fit perfectly into the message of sedevacantism, which holds to the necessity of Reclaiming by Force and further holds that God in his mercy is giving us Chosen more and more tools to affect this Reclaming by Force, such as Vitoc, TCMCs, and now solar system eradicating weapons. How generous is our God!

Still, may the True Emperor come quickly. Amen. Amarr Victor.

Is it worth celebrating though?
Well, I am neither Empress, nor Her Advisor, I am not even Imperial citizen, but… it does seem to me an appeasing of those who didn’t deserve it and didn’t appreciate it, without any actual gains.

As far as I am aware, slavery is a penal punishment in the Empire that has a religious justification to use this concept to make debtors of Empire to return their debts. Well, by labour. (Of course in the State this is illegal). But emancipation of the slaves didn’t affect actually convicted people, only their descendants who were living in this social status their whole life. Thus, it looked like an extracirricular social status elevation of certain group of people.

And it certainly didn’t look like it brought any profit to the Empire, nor made Minmatar terrorists to respect Empress Jamyl for such generous offer: so far it seems to me that Empress Jamyl is the person who liberated the most minmatar slaves in the history of New Eden! And yet, ungrateful savages were celebrating her death, daring to claim it’s their goal to free their people… disrespecting one who achieved the most in it with such shameful acts.

All this makes me think that Minmatars are being just hateful freaks against the Empire and their goal of “liberating their people” is only a half-hearted excuse for them being so terrible.

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developments of new, terrifying stellar weapons, that can scourge entire solar systems of life

Only in an area approximately 1 ½ AU or less from the sun, actually.

Perhaps those who have left of their own volition. By the grace of God the wisest among them have remained. By their very nature freedoms are used to enable sin and moral complacency. That applies to True Amarr just as it applies to the tribes. While we may never know peace, let our wars carve the stone of our being into what God meant it to be.

They’ve been there and I doubt it bothers them to go back.

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