Starlight New Year’s Ball, YC 123

LUMEN will once again be holding its annual Starlight New Year’s Ball.

The Ball will be held in Tebu Amkhiman’s Starlight Ballroom, the weekend of January 2nd YC 123. (Exact date and time TBD).

Dress code will be formal (military or civilian).

Venue: “Tebu Amkhiman - Main Lobby” where security screening is present.

The Ball will be open to all blues and neutrals of Khimi Harar (LUMEN), or those specifically invited, and those who participatedi n the Edencom Defense Initiative in YC 122.

Blues and EDI alliances/corps/pilots are AUTOMATICALLY invited by means of this post.

If a neutral desiring to confirm attendance (or if unsure of your blue status), please RSVP to Lunarisse Aspenstar and Maria Daphiti.

We hope to see everyone who qualifies and wishes to celebrate the New Year with us in attendance.


I am considering attending. Hopefully my presence wouldn’t be a disruption given my, ah, heritage.

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Your work with EDI is not forgotten,. You are very welcome to attend.

OP updated to make clear that EDI participant alliances/corps/pilots are AUTOMATICALLY invited by means of this post.


Ah, good to hear, I’ll almost certainly be in attendance in that case.


Time and Date Set:
Sunday, January 3rd, 18:00 NEST.


Is it customary to arrive sharp on the hour, or does it work more like a reception?

Unfortunately, I’ll have to miss this due to the fortunes of war.

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It’ll run for a bit. Peeps can drop in when they can.

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