We are EVE ( Roleplay Team, friends and storymakers) LORE LORE

We are a community that focused at evolving characters and be a part of eve lore.

We know that if you love your character then you probably have an idea what he/she is or want to play out in eve, Perhaps you are/ or have tried and not got the respond you wanted.
Our idea is to be there for you. To be a witness you your life. We want to achieve a sence of emotional enviroment. We want to know your story, and enhance it, and even be a part of it.
We all know eve is about isk, blow stuff up, attitude and reading bla bla… But some people also want the sence of importance ( even if its not).

We also think real life comes first, and we dont mind if you some days here and there dont even talk( sometimes you just want to log in and be alone). But the days you want to talk, then we are here.
This is no corp recruitment, even tho that is also possible. But this is an invitation to our life, to our experience and to our world.
We dont always do stuff to make isk, We do do stuff for the story.
We do turn to a specific type of people, Mainly people of the Roleplay Community.
But also people who might want to try that route, or just need people to always talk to and have a laugh or two.
Also we dont demand anyone to live even remotly where we are. ( most of us is around Amarr).

Do you miss the old times with your friends cause they dont play anymore, and want that back?
Are you a casual player who want to evolve your gamestyle and bring more depth to eve?

We uses 2 Chat channels mainly. One for the roleplay part, and one for us to talk about anything but also maby plot a scenario for the roleplay.
Rolepley Channel: We are Eve
Password: General

We know there is alot of RP channels out there, but this is our part in eve, Even tho we uses other aswell. But This have a different approach.
By helping each other in every part of eve through Rp or just friendship is very important, and something everyone wants. Even the little one is important to us.
Its important to us that YOU feel that YOU matters in eve.

So join us and see if you like it, we sure do.:space_invader:
Bring a friend or even the whole corp if you want to join the family.

We are EVE :parrotwave3:

We need more stuff like this.

Sounds fun

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