Pausing recruitment, thank you

So finally after many years of seeing Eve Online grow I think I am ready to dive into the game. I am typically a PvE seeking individual and find the market very interesting. I’ll probably be a space 18-wheeler / space trader. PvP will be a second thought for me.

Looking for EU Timezone. I’ll be in Germany.

I have discord, and prefer to stick to just discord. I do not like Teamspeak too much.

HMU: ArbsAhoy#4078

I’m going to pause my recruitment until further notice. Thank you all who have responded.

Hi :wave:t3:
would roleplay be something that you might be interested in or considder to try out?
If you do i might have a spot for you in my idea that i am developing.

Hmm I wouldn’t be opposed - as long as I can keep learning to play… Seems like a lot of stuff to learn.

Then have a look here on my recruitment post here on the forums :point_right:t3: Roleplaying player made lore based upon the eve lore stories & a player government to boot. Recruiting!

There is a discord link close to the end if you wish to hop on there to have a Q&A discussion with me.

There is alot to learn within the game and truthfully i still do learn alot but still teach other what i can to help them out and i hope they do the same.

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