Older but new EVE player


               I have been playing strategic games since the 1970s.  I am looking for a Corp to learn and grow with. My requirements:

I am new to EVE.
I am in my late 50’s
I am using one line Caldari.
I will ONLY use TeamSpeak for comms never DISCORD
I am active everyday.
I live in Central Europe but normaly online US times
I will ignore cut and paste recruitment ads
If you can deal with all of this contact me

Invite sent.

hey there,

if you want i can offer you a stable home in null sec.
not like a 2nd job or w/e but more a place to have fun in and getting to know more ppl.
if u want u can come and have a chat on our discord but comms is also always TS.

we operate out of deklein.
alot of EU dudes but some americans aswell so u’ll always have some1 to talk to.
we canalso teach u the ropes of making dank moneyz.

Out of curiosity, what do you have against Discord?

Well not looking to debate but I don’t like it. It is monitored and they sell your info.

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