Newbro, former Yokai and now Casual Solo

(Aragami Kukai) #1

Hi all,

Im pretty new to the game, and got recruited by Yokai back in April, and left them before all the trouble happened, mainly because they were not suited for casual players.

I am now quite lost and pretty much bored… I am as I said very casual, playing from Japan (so weird play time compared to NA…), and I can’t use Discord because family sleeps nearby.

I’m starting to wonder if the game is suited to me, even if I like it a lot due to the very wide choice of specialization. I’m going to work in UK for 3 months as well in September, so a long break is incoming, and I’m scared I loose interest when I come back to Tokyo end of November…

What I like is mainly null solo ganking atm (learning), and mass pvp. I am also quite well specialized (for a noob) in null exploration so I can make decent isk when I need to.

Anyone could tell me how I could enjoy the game with that configuration? Any decently large corp fitting my play style and time zone that would recruit a casual?

Looking forward to your insights!

BR, Aragami

(lost packet) #2

Try recruitment section?

(Lady Ayeipsia) #3

Brave Newbies or Pandemic Horde may work for you. Both are large nul sec groups with diverse populations and ample opportunities in null.

(Aragami Kukai) #4

No idea why, but it seems I don’t have the rights in there!

(Aragami Kukai) #5

Thank you for your answer! Do you think they would accept ppl not using Discord?

(Lulu Lunette) #6

I’m like you. I just can’t stand comms though. I’d recommend a Twitter for your Eve character to share your screenshots and socialize with others :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s like 30 recruiters to recruits so take your time picking a corporation :wink:

The giant rookie scooping corporations might be good for you too but there goes your casual highsec play

(Lady Ayeipsia) #7

I do not know but my guess is that as long as you can listen or hear comms during a fleet operation, it is all good. That said, I am not an expert. I would reach out to the groups and ask them directly.

(Aragami Kukai) #8

Salut Lulu :slight_smile: Thanks for replying.

I casually play in null but I could help in many situations!

(Aragami Kukai) #9

That’s where I’m having troubles. I can’t focus on Discord comms due to son running aroung (lol).
But if you say it can be discussed with the corp members then there is hope!

(Draeman Hookah) #10

I’m by no means in a large corp but I do this. I am unable to speak on comms as my family is always sleeping when I play so I listen to comms and type in corp/fleet chat as needed. Most corps shouldn’t have an issue with this as long as you can listen to them on comms and follow orders.

Additionally any of the big wig corps like Pandemic Horde, Brave Newbies, etc are all good choices for a solid startup. Otherwise, join a small corp that owns a system or two and play with a close-knit group.