New player looking for a casual corp

I’m a new-ish player on EvE online, I’ve been mining mainly and currently sitting at 60mil balance (72m asset value)
I haven’t really gone deep into ratting,exploring,… I’m looking for a casual group/corp where I have an opportunity to meet new people, learn from others and work together with them on a common goal.
(I will say I have a lot to learn about this game, tho I have been enjoying it’s gameplay and beauty)
Time zone: UTC/GMT +1

I think it might be helpful for the quality of your responses to make a note of what kind of philosophy you might have or what kind of changes you’d like to make in the sandbox.

Some players exert their influence by interdicting Jita trade routes. Some of them make it their mission to rescue players trapped in wormholes. Some like to ahem deliver ammunition to people lost in wormholes.

If someone recites your name, what image would you like that to conjure in the listener? What would you want to be known for having wrought in Eve? The answer to that might help you choose your new corporation wisely.

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good timezone

sounds good … i think we can help you

get in contact with me ingame
we have a public channel you can join at anytime


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