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Wrong end of 30, work full-time and when I’m not being a husband I like to spend some time on EvE to unwind. Don’t have any preference for the type of corp to join but I’d have to rule out Corps based in null, too much in the way of politics, pressure to attend CTA’s etc.

I’d like to try my hand at most things be it PVE, PvP, mining, exploration, WH’s. Not sure there’s a Corp that does everything but it’s not essential, for me it’s just joining fleets and playing the game with a motley crew.

Lastly prefer an active UK / EU timezone corp, love you yanks but I’d never see you if I was to join a US corp (no offence).

My account is omega but I don’t have an astronomical amount of SP’s so don’t expect a PvP monster or anything similar. I tend to lean towards Amarr and Precursor ships. Currently not far off flying Revelation and Zirnitra. Probably work against me finding a corp but I’ll not cross train any time soon for Minmitar, Gallente or Caldari ships / equipment.

Looking for a Corp for Origae-6 and my alt Mitsuko Chan


We live in null, but we dont have any requirements. You can join us and experiance the profitability of null with no requirement from you. Here is our ad. I think we will get along just fine.

Thanks for the reply Aalyla, I think my preference is to find a good LS home o /

Hey bro check us out Knights of the Posing Meat [FETID] is recruiting again! If you like what you see drop me a message hope to hear from you soon o7

Still considering options, thanks to all who have replied o/

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