Knights of the Posing Meat [FETID] is recruiting again!

We are Knights of the Posing Meat [FETID] Our Corporation, born in the mid’s of 2011, comes with a longstanding history of Low-sec Piracy & Capital Warfare, Over the years of playing EvE Online there is not much we haven’t done in New Eden as a corp we have experienced pretty much everything CCP has had to offer, from living in worm holes to owning sov as a corp we tend to shin best in low-sec pvp after the recent event’s of the well known alliance Snuffed Out disbanding we’ve decided to take a break from the major side of mass warfare and have decided to enjoy the game while it last so, If you’re one of those people who want to enjoy your time and have fun but don’t want to be tied down by CTA (Call to arms) pings and just wan’t to enjoy a chilled afternoon then yet again we’re accepting Applications.

We are looking for pilots who want to live in low-sec and be part of a dynamic group of meme rangaling pirates. You’ll need to meet some of our requirements but don’t worry to much they’re not massively out of reach!.

Our Requirements:

  • Friendly Attitude
  • Self-Sufficient in making ISK. (Can help with our access to level 5’s)
  • Previous experiences in PvP and a history to show for.
  • Must be able to fly our Doctrines.
  • Must be able to supply a full ESI ( Nothing major just want to make sure you’re legit)
  • Must be willing to use TS3.
  • All character must be no less than 6 months old. (Unless your main exceeds 6months)

Bonus Requirements:
Having these will give you a higher chance of being accepted.

  • A Capital Alt ( Dread or Fax )
  • Affiliation with a current member of the corporation.
  • Being in the same Timezone.

What we Offer:

  • Access to level 5 agent’s.
  • A Guide for level 5 Missions.
  • Small/Medium Scale Brawls.
  • Baiting/Hunting ops.
  • Corp SRP.
  • Experienced players to help you when you need it.
  • Jump Freighter services.
  • Scheduled roams and ops so you can prepare.

We have no minimum SP requirements but pilot’s that don’t meet some of the requirements will be turn’t away.

Public Channel: Knights of the Posing Meat

A Little about us:
We are an oddly blend of multiple nationalities with the main bulk of the corp being from the UK but when mixed with a few Danish, Swedish, the worst of the worst several Americans and a dash of Aussie we form the perfect group of professional novices and ruski wrestler Lowsec Pie-rats, that drop caps and post dank memes.

So if you think you’ll fit in with this “special” corporation then join our Public Chat and look out for our recruiters.

Meme Video

Erebus Kill

Dropping Blood Raider Hunters

Whole New World

Recruitment Video :confused:


Nightmare Fleets from Sliv’s POV

Mining /w FETID

FETID’s Famous Quote: “Drop the hammer” (Maximus Babberus)

Baited on free Rorq

Zkillboard/BRT Most Recent Dud Fight against Whoring Horde - Fight over an Athanor - Corp Killboard. - Mya Brawl . - Random Yolo Nyx /w dread support. - TEST ALLIANCE Welp.


Other Nationalities include Irish, German, Fake Aussie, Icelandic (obvs a ccp spai) and a Dutch guy we picked up somewhere along the way and can’t get rid of :slight_smile:


Tight-knit group of people that’s welcoming and felt like family during my stay with them.
No matter the corp you are comming from, these guys will take good care of you.


Great corp, great guys will defo look after any new or veteran player o7

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Awesome corp with sexy people, definitely recommend them

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Dank memes

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Been here a good week or two so far. Good bunch of guys - don’t hesitate - apply today!

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Lovely corp, lovely people, mucho pew :slight_smile:

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Great and fun group of players, would definitely recommend them if you are looking for a laid back group and awesome fights <3


Still looking for people. Need more meatshie… I mean valued members of the corp. :slight_smile:

Come say hi. Hang out with us. Ask about joining a roam if you want to come see what we’re like.

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Amazing corp, basically what dreams are made of.

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Great corp, good laughs. Helped me alot getting back to grips with the game after a very long absence.

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Three years of these guys. They were able to show me the world. 11/10 would recommend.

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Just joined a couple of weeks ago. A great group of guys that I can fly around with and have some fun pew. Hard to find a group of guys that are this capable and this chill.

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