Casual Player new to EVE looking for relaxed bros / Corp to hang with

So, here we are. I need a home for my butt, you probably aren’t here for my vast comical prestige. Let’s get this out there: I am not a serious player. I don’t even know what I’m doing like 99.5643% of the time (yes I mathed that), still trying to find my way through this wonderful universe that has escaped me until now. Hit me up if you think we mesh, if not… bye Felicia.

Well we’re a uk based Corp, living in 0.0 space, not knowing where you’re going is part of the fun :joy:
We’re a good group of guys, newer and more experienced players. We know RL comes first, but we also know how to play eve well.
Join our in game channel brittas empire public, or join discord to see what we’re like and if you want to come aboard :+1:t2:

Fly safe sir 07

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